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Blog | November 9, 2023 | 10 min read

Electronic Cosmetic Labels

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Electronic Cosmetic Labels

Digital Cosmetic Labels Revolutionize Cosmetic Retail

Digital cosmetic price tags allow luxury and cosmetic stores to enter the digital era and deliver differentiating experiences. As shoppers demand easier access to information and more connected services, electronic cosmetic labels can help retailers run their stores more efficiently while enhancing interactions at the shelf.

What Are Digital Cosmetic Labels and How Do They Work in Cosmetic, Health, and Beauty Stores?

Premium digital tags for H&B and Cosmetics stores are designed to elevate the in-store shopper experience while granting store owners more control over their pricing and labeling processes.

The VusionCloud Retail IoT Platform is a comprehensive cosmetics-ready solution designed to maximize the potential of the retail environment, reduce the waste associated with paper labels, free up time for employees to perform higher-value tasks, and optimize returns.

With their e-paper displays, digital cosmetic labels take the product shelf experience to the next level. Instead of paper labels that need to be replaced by hand each time the information they contain is updated, digital cosmetic price tags are connected to a centralized Cloud system. This allows you to update them in real time or even automatically. Create seamless, engaging promotional campaigns for impressive results.

What Are the Benefits of Implementing Digital Cosmetic Price Tags?

Digital price displays in supermarkets, digital furniture price tags, fruit and vegetable electronic tags, digital price tags for clothing  … Connected label networks are taking the retail world by storm. Several aspects of the cosmetic industry can benefit from the integration of smart price tags as well.

VusionCloud is the leading Retail IoT Cloud solution and N°1 choice for electronic price tags. Here’s how our leading-edge platform can help you achieve your digital transformation.

Future proof Digital Tags

Digital cosmetic price tags feature high-quality screens with an ultra-wide viewing angle display and increased resistance against chemical substances. Easy to clean and maintain, these labels are built to last decades.

But while the durability of the hardware is crucial, long-term compatibility with any foreseeable software advances is just as important. The VUSIONOX environment is designed for enduring relevance.

Tailored to Today’s Stores

The SESimagotag tags won the Red Dot Award thanks to their compelling design and advanced capabilities. Engineered to answer the needs of modern-day retail environments, these electronic labels leverage AI-driven analytics through VusionGroup’s Pulse Engine.

The VusionGroup System turns your aisles into a smart network capable of collecting and analyzing data about consumer behavior, waste, product sell-through, margins, etc. Pulse then generates recommendations on the most critical areas for immediate improvement to the bottom line.

Developed With Cosmetics in Mind

SESimagotag’s digital cosmetic labels boast an award-winning design and cosmetics-specific resistant front covers. Thanks to our price automation-capable software, your cosmetic price tags always reflect accurate pricing information updated in real time.

The labels are designed to deliver enhanced product information via NFC or QR codes, making them ideal for promoting high-end products that deserve a more in-depth introduction.

Regulatory Requirements

Cosmetic labeling is highly regulated, and the requirements are often subject to change. Instead of having to replace paper labels or risk being fined, digital labels can be updated on the fly and support additional regulatory information.

SESimagotag’s ESL solution also ensures premium readability.

Product Differentiation

The VusionCloud Retail IoT Platform supports powerful image integration and other visually impactful features that can really make the products stand out.

The bright, colorful displays are designed to be rotated and tilted as needed and come in a whole range of measurements so you can always find the ideal label for every aisle and every product.

Use the fully customizable screen to your advantage and create eye-catching labels to highlight each product.

Premium Information

With the rise of online shopping, consumers have come to rely on product ratings, reviews, and more extensive information to decide which items to purchase. They no longer depend on adverts or packaging alone to form an opinion, preferring to have more concrete, objective opinions at their disposal. Consumers also have a highly connected lifestyle, using their smartphones as portable information hubs.

This is where digital cosmetic labels can bridge the gap between the pleasure of seeing (feeling, smelling, and generally interacting with) the products in the store and accessing all that valuable information with no additional effort.

How to Select the Perfect Cosmetic Labeling Solution for Your Business?

The SESimagotag solution is designed with specific businesses in mind, offering ready-to-use setups for various types of stores, including pharmacies, drugstores, as well as cosmetics and H&B stores. Using premium digital cosmetic labels allows you to create an elevated in-store experience where precise, relevant, and eye-pleasing enriched product information is available at a glance.

Selecting the right cosmetic label solution is all about added value. Ask yourself how you can leverage your shelves by ensuring shoppers benefit from premium readability, accurate pricing and information, and cutting-edge connectivity.

ESL solutions can help you assess your shoppers’ needs so you can focus on bringing them better information and essential functionalities, such as customer reviews they can access via their smartphones or product ratings displayed straight on the label.

What Emerging Trends Should Businesses Be Aware of in the Realm of Cosmetic Labels?

Consumers of cosmetic products have specific expectations that reach as far as packaging, labeling, and even shelving. They want to make informed purchasing decisions based on thorough information about ingredients, formulas, manufacturing practices, and more. Aesthetics and experiential shopping also have a part to play, which digital cosmetic price tags can do much to elevate.


Ecology has become an omnipresent topic. From zero-packaging cosmetics to refillable options and biodegradable alternatives, brands are embracing new values. Electronic shelf labels make it easy for retailers to follow suit by cutting down on waste.


Consumers will no longer accept dubious formulas with lengthy, hard-to-decipher lists of ingredients. They want to know exactly what they are applying to their skin and how the product will keep its promises. By facilitating access to information, digital cosmetic price tags create a more trustworthy image.

A Return to Drugstores

The digital age is fundamentally changing shopper behavior, and a quality-over-quantity mindset is setting in. Just as consumers now want more pared-down packaging and formulas, they wish to move away from over-consumerism, seeking out smaller local businesses. This also shows a preference for more personalized services and shops where knowledgeable staff is available to answer questions and provide the human touch larger retailers and Internet-only businesses sometimes lack. The idea is not to pick one approach, but to use the technology at your disposal to create a hybrid experience combining the benefits of both.

Connected Trends

Consumers certainly don’t wish to give up on the benefits of connected services. They want stores that embrace a transparent, personalized, and technological vision. Smart and connected labeling is making an appearance on the products themselves, supporting a new approach to communication. Integrating NFC and QR technology on the shelves means shoppers don’t even need to pick up the product to find out everything they need to know. In the case of package-free cosmetics, for example, this capability is invaluable.

Integrating AR – adding augmented reality overlays onto the real world – with in-store displays takes the experience to the next level and leaves a lasting impression by leveraging interactive storytelling.

By cultivating closer bonds with their customers and providing niche expertise while inviting them to explore an immersive digital universe, retailers can secure their long-term relevance in an increasingly competitive world.


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