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Positive Commerce 

Creating positive social impact

Our goal is to provide a positive daily experience for retailers and associates in commerce and to enable more diverse and fulfilling social connections in local communities through more sustainable stores.

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Social Impact KPIs  

Powering human-centered technologies for commerce and consumers  

We are committed to human-centered commerce through principled solutions that enable more positive social impact across business practices. Here are some of our commitments and performance indicators.

OECD and UN Guiding principles 
Supplier Code of Conduct   
Platinum EcoVadis rating 2023
OECD and UN Guiding principles 

We are committed to ethical and conscious growth based on the fundamental value of respect for human rights

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Supplier Code of Conduct   

98.2% of our external manufacturing EMS and component suppliers adhere to our Supplier Code of Conduct for responsible production

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Platinum EcoVadis rating 2023

We have been granted the Platinum recognition by one of the world’s most recognized rating providers for sustainability

Global Compact

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Women’s Empowerment principles

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What does positive social impact look like?   

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For communities 

Enhancing cities and communities   

Physical stores are a precious common good that needs to be protected — they provide a lively social hub, rich with culture in our communities. Stores play a crucial role in the social well-being of our world, allowing consumers immediate access to products and enabling brands to offer an experience. By transforming stores into digital assets and improving the in-store experience for everyone, we benefit the broader economy and contribute positively to society.

More fulfilling jobs  

Our solutions contribute to securing more fulfilling retail jobs   

Stores represent one-sixth of all jobs on the planet. With solutions that empower stores to be more successful and longer lasting, we help create culture in local communities. We enable a better, more reliable shopping experience with price integrity via our solutions and contribute to better overall store performance.  

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Transparency and synchronization

Our Electronic Shelf Label technologies enable fast, productive, and effective updates, to ensure the information shown to the customer is always accurate and compliant with regulations. For food stores, that can mean providing vital allergen information, nutritional information, country of origin or whether an item is produced locally. Our solutions can also identify soon-to-expire goods, reducing food waste and improving inventory turnover.

Our ESG Report  

See our commitments to sustainable strategies  

And learn about our company roadmap for Positive Commerce
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Our commitments

See our commitments to be a good place to work

We are dedicated to creating a positive work environment for our employees by cultivating a highly motivating and inclusive workplace.

Global Human Rights Policy

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Labor Rights Policy

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Diversity & inclusion program

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Anti-discrimination, anti-harassment & promotion of Diversity Policy

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FAQ for Positive Commerce and ESG   

At the end of 2020, we launched our “Customer First” program, anchored in our belief that high levels of customer satisfaction and loyalty lead to consumers becoming our greatest champions, recommending us to other potential customers. Thus, the Group is dedicated to fostering a positive experience at every key stage of the customer journey in order to set this virtuous cycle in motion. The indicator we used is the Net Promoter Score (NPS). It is a widely used tool for measuring customer loyalty and satisfaction. It involves asking customers how likely they are to recommend a product or service to others, on a scale of 0-10. Our customer satisfaction survey is deployed worldwide. It is linked to our Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system and our Power BI analysis tool. Implementing NPS across the work done by every employee will help us measure how customers perceive our service and how well our business is doing. With an overall NPS above 65 in the first half of 2023 (compared to 55 in 2022 vs. 38 in 2021) and an industry average of around 33, VusionGroup is in the upper range of the SaaS and software sector and remains on a clear path towards improvement. This positive NPS has been achieved by adopting a truly customer-centric approach. 

To assess and ensure the sustainability of its industrial supply chain, the Group developed a supplier code of conduct, which was signed by 98.2% of its industrial purchases in 2023. Additionally, VusionGroup evaluates the quality and CSR aspects of its supply chain through three types of audits:

  1. Self-Assessment Questionnaires: completed by potential new suppliers, these questionnaires identify any major breaches of the Group’s social and environmental requirements.
  2. Internal Audits: conducted by the Group’s product quality teams, during regular on-site visits to our subcontractors and suppliers. These audits ensure suppliers meet quality standards and comply with the sustainable purchasing policy: in 2023, 97.18% of industrial purchases and the Group’s main indirect suppliers were audited.
  3. Third-Party Assessments: the Group has commissioned EcoVadis, a CSR rating company, to conduct documentary CSR assessments of its suppliers.

These measures uphold high standards of social and environmental responsibility across VusionGroup’s supply chain.

We don’t own the production plants that manufacture our products. We have opted for a factory-free production model, outsourcing our production processes to External Manufacturing Services (EMSs). Our main assembly partners have long-established programs in ESG and environmental initiatives. They follow global reporting standards for sustainability and are all certified to ISO International Standards that provide guidance on environmentally and socially responsible behavior for organizations. The scope of their environmental management systems extends far beyond what is typically found in an ISO 14001:2015 system and includes such elements as product environmental compliance and e-waste management. We subcontract the manufacturing of ESLs to specialized service providers (EMS-Electronics Manufacturing Services), while retaining the design and intellectual property rights of our products. Most of our EMS partners are located in mainland China or Southeast Asia, or more recently in Central America (Mexico). The Group assesses the quality of its supply chain through three types of audits:   

  1. An audit of our suppliers managed by the Group’s product quality department, during visits organized to our subcontractors and suppliers. 
  2. Supplier self-assessment questionnaire to be completed by suppliers: in order to identify any major breach of the Group’s social and environmental requirements, a self-assessment questionnaire was designed by the Product Quality Department and the Group’s purchasing teams and is systematically submitted to current and potential suppliers.
  3. The Group entrusted a third party (the ESG rating company EcoVadis) with the performance of ESG documentary assessments. They measure the performance of SESimagotag’s main suppliers on 21 ESG criteria grouped into four themes: Environment, Labor & Human Rights, Ethics, and Responsible Procurement.  

Within our organization, our Code of Ethics is designed to make sure that each staff member — no matter what position they hold — knows, understands, and acts with the highest ethical standards in every aspect of our work. While the Code cannot cover every workplace challenge, it helps us to spot issues, become more familiar with our policies and act with integrity. Everyone at VusionGroup must apply the Code along with the procedures and related policies. This is what we expect when we work together, interact with customers, address shareholders, collaborate with business partners, and contribute to our communities.  

Following the communication and training on business ethics, the Group has set itself a clear objective since 2021: to ensure that each employee signs the Company’s Code of Ethics, so that our values and fundamental principles are as widely shared and understood as possible, with signature campaigns being organized during the first quarter of each year. This Code of Ethics has been strengthened by the implementation of three new procedures:  

  • the gift and hospitality procedure;  
  • the conflict of interest procedure; and  
  • the ethical alert procedure (available on our internal “Service Now” platform, to ensure both confidentiality and fluidity of flows). 

Anytime, anywhere, consumers have the right to obtain complete information about the products they purchase and consume. They also have the right to know that their personal data is protected and cannot be used for purposes other than to provide them with full purchasing satisfaction. It is essential to maintain strict confidentiality of data. In this sense, the customer applications that we develop or activate place this imperative at the forefront. Our applications are based on the following assumptions:   

  • Consumers expect personalized service, recommendations and offers. As a result, they are ready to be identified and provide data on their preferred choices; and  
  • For retailers, personalized marketing in-store can unlock significant value. We thus promote solutions and operate under two guiding principles:  
  1. The deal must be fair. Retailers must earn the right to know their customers and to use the data in exchange for a better and more personalized service, better value for money, time savings, and real value; and  
  2. The services are always subject to the shopper’s willingness to sign up for a clear and transparent deal, without surprises. As stores bridge over to digital technology, the actions of retailers regarding privacy must be fully transparent. Smart labels are the perfect GDPR-compliant tool as they are an opt-in-only gateway to digital content and services.  
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