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We reimagine retail. By inventing our own technologies that put business first, drive sustainability, and focus on people and performance, we're creating a new way to manage and experience commerce.
About Vusion Solutions

Transform your physical stores into digital assets

Vusion technology digitalizes your store from floor to ceiling to create a sustainable, hybrid model that’s driven by data. Provide a better commerce experience — for consumers and associates — while enhancing profitability.

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  • Sustainable green Building

    Enabling low-carbon e-Commerce

    Turn physical stores into ultra-efficient local fulfilment centers of online orders. Identify the right store and product availability in real-time, for every online order to delivery time & reduced carbon emissions.

  • Young woman looking in the frozen food section while shopping in a supermarket

    Gaining full-store visibility

    Our technologies allow you to control costs and improve inventory turnover with real-time visibility and actionable insights. Maximize on-shelf availability, using automatic monitoring, alerts and re-orders.

  • contactless terminal to female customer Pic

    Improving store performance

    A smart, connected infrastructure runs your store seamlessly — from pricing, to inventory management, merchandising, and more — freeing you to focus on what’s next for your business and your customers.

  • Portrait of three people working in factory, talking and laughing

    Increasing employee satisfaction

    Automate time-consuming processes like pricing and promotions to effectively eliminate errors and free employees to focus on tasks that are more fulfilling and add more value — like product availability and customer service.

  • Group of people spending day at work, having business meeting in printing office

    Accounting for market trends

    Be prepared for shifts in the economy and the flow of market trends. Tackle excess inventory, higher costs, and lower margins with retail analytics and IoT solutions that provide actionable insights for real-time improvement.

  • Asian Shopper Picture

    Improving shopper experience

    Enhance brand experiences and improve in-store shopping for your customers with creative digital signage, brand content, dynamic promotions, and accurate pricing 
at the shelf.


Sustainable, human solutions for a better commerce experience

Improve overall store efficiency and business performance with connected technologies that digitialize your physical store to create a smarter, more efficient shopping experience — for customers, retailers, and brands.
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    Streamline operations 
at minimal cost

    Digitalize your physical store operations from end-to-end with a sustainable, secure, scalable solution. Improve day-to-day employee experience with high-performance IoT and retail analytics.

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  • Boost sales and improve overall store efficiency

    Leverage the highest-quality IoT price automation platform to remove manual pricing steps and eliminate errors, freeing your team to focus on customers.

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  • captana shelf ai

    Gain real-time shelf visibility with our wireless mini camera system

    Maximize on-shelf availability and optimize inventory management with automatic monitoring and alerts, and re-orders predefined by you.

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  • Memory retail intelligence Pic

    Improve inventory turnover — down to the individual SKU

    Harness the power of your data by applying A.I. to your existing data collections to deliver actionable insights that improve workflows and customer experience.

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  • Engage Retail Media VusionGroup

    Run successful digital display campaigns
in your store

    Run digital campaigns instantly, monetize your foot traffic and partner with brands to connect with shoppers at the shelf and improve inventory turnover.

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  • PDi Digital

    Share the right information in the right place at the right time

    Leverage high-quality digital signage displays to get your message out when it’s most relevant to the customer.

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    Positive Commerce

    We’re committed to positive impact

    The digitalization of physical commerce is an economic, social, and environmental imperative. Our mission is to transform stores through our Vusion technologies into intelligent, connected, and long-lasting digital environments to enable a sustainable, positive and human-centered commerce business model.

    From our clients

    • Electronic Shelf labels SESimagotag

      “We're given back time to our employees that they can utilize to actually get on the floor, talk to customers, actually do that customer service engagement properly rather than putting up tags.”

      Dave Fleming Area Manager at Lee’s Discount Liquor
    • "We have never had so much visibility over our stores. We had ideas of what was working and what wasn't, but everything was anecdotal. Now everything is data-driven. The stores love it too, some of the managers are addicted!"

      Tom Buckley General Manager - Pricewatch
    • Walmart ESL VusionGroup
      walmart logo

      "We’ve been testing digital solutions 
that will help us manage price changes electronically, allowing associates more 
time to do what matters most — help our customers."

      Bala Prasanna Vice President, Walmart U.S.
    • Kavanagh's Belsize

      "The 360 store delivers capabilities that allow us to get timely insights and visibility on shelf stock availability, promotion execution, “proof of play” and more accurate and efficient restocking."

      Noel Kavanagh Jnr Store and Managing Director of Kavanagh Group
    • "As the pilot installations of SES-imagotag's solutions proved to be successful, we decided to roll-out the VUSION IoT Cloud platfom and the ESLs with 4-color display to all of our stores. Thanks to these deployments, we can offer to our customers and employees a better in-store experience while also, standout our products through an additional spectrum of colors for an enhanced journey."

      Kaidi Kelt Head of Retail Euronics Estonia.
    • Photography and Video Production Company Chicago
      Home Alive Pets x VusionGroup

      "Homes Alive Pets has almost an immediate impact with the Captana cameras. We improved our shelf availability +3% after two months of implementation and it’s fundamentally changed how we operate as a company."

      Caleb Ropp VP Operations & HR of Homes Pets Alive
    • "With Captana I can check on a weekly basis if out of stocks are caused by logistical disservices or incorrect reorders and then, determine which operations require more attention in the store. "

      Massimo Masoni Conad Sorbolo Superstore owner
      Walmart VF edeka VF Jula Logo Homes Alive Pets x VusionGroup 2 Salling Group logo Monoprix DELHAIZE VF Euronics logo Rema 1000 VF
      Walmart VF edeka VF Jula Logo Homes Alive Pets x VusionGroup 2 Salling Group logo Monoprix DELHAIZE VF Euronics logo Rema 1000 VF
      Walmart VF edeka VF Jula Logo Homes Alive Pets x VusionGroup 2 Salling Group logo Monoprix DELHAIZE VF Euronics logo Rema 1000 VF

    Ready for whatever comes next - VusionGroup Careers
    Ready for whatever comes next - VusionGroup Careers

    Ready for whatever comes next

    Join our talented, multidisciplinary, multicultural team and help build the future of retail IoT.

    We’re here to help make your store smarter and more efficient.
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