pulse retail intelligence
Pulse Retail Intelligence 

Optimize store performance

Increase sales and reduce waste with retail AI.

High-performance retail analytics  

Get actionable insights for store improvements 

Our Pulse platform is an AI-powered analytics solution that helps identify inefficiencies and make recommendations on practical ways to improve the bottom line for retailers. Pulse analyzes data from the aisles, point of sale (POS) information, and third-party sources to reduce waste, improve inventory turnover, and optimize store workflows.

Reduce inventory waste  

Identify waste issues and get tailored recommendations on how to reduce waste for individual products.  

Set competitive pricing

Compare prices against competitors and automatically display promotional messaging on the shelf to inform shoppers when your price is better. 

Make your data work harder  

Uncover the real value of data-driven choices by optimizing assortment, streamlining operations, and positively impacting the bottom line. 

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    Walmart logo VusionGroup delhaize-group-logo Jula x VusionGroup Salling Group
    Walmart logo VusionGroup delhaize-group-logo Jula x VusionGroup Salling Group
Pulse Benefits   

How the Pulse family of products works in-store  

Software systems work together and easily integrate with your existing ERP to provide insights that optimize store performance.  
retail ai

Why Pulse works for you  

custom analysis and reporting

Get custom analysis and reporting 

Tailor monitoring and reporting to your business needs. Measure sales performance and easily identify issues and priorities. 

AI recommendations

Make evidence-based decisions

Inform better decision-making with AI recommendations and simulate product or pricing models to see estimates on their ROI impact. 

data from IoT devices

Measure impact immediately 

Harness the power of your data from IoT devices on the shop floor and trigger actions in the aisles for immediate impact on store performance. 

sales data

Drill down into sales data   

Get a complete view of your store sales information with a dashboard that displays sales, margin, and baskets data as well as waste, refunds, and voids. 

category management

Ground your decision-making with trusted insights to boost efficiencies

Pulse products can help you:
– Manage store sales: Highlight products where inventory management can be improved.
– Improve pricing: Identify products where price can be increased or where costs have increased.
– Notify associates of actions: Display subtle messages to floor staff on your ESL to indicate an issue is present with a product and needs action.
– Measure promotions: Measure promotions and sales activity across multiple stores.
– Manage your store strategically: Understand store, category, or product performance and compare with previous trends.

manage store sales

See Pulse’s ROI impact

– 2% Increase in sales on categories by improving assortment choice
– 2% increase on sales thanks to merchandising
– 20% uplift on products with competitor messaging
– 97% sell-through in new store
– Up to 10 M€ monetization revenues
– 2% Increase in sales on categories operating the collaborative model

We’re here to help make your store smarter and more efficient. 
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Pulse products   FAQ

In every store there are inefficiencies and opportunities to improve across sales, waste, margin. Too much data available, store owners do not know what actions to take.


Pulse is part of our VusionGroup’s intelligence and insights solution set. The premise of it is taking data (PoS data, IOT data, 3rd party) to analyze for retailers and improve the health of their shelves. It proves every shelf and every store underperforms, and every store can be more profitable.


Stores are leaving money on the table every day and we can tell them where the inefficiencies are happening. Every store underperforms and Pulse drills down to SKUs and shelf perspective, to generate recommendations allowing store owners to take some easy action on products and get tangible results quickly.


Insights and recommendations to the shop floor via ESL messaging or via our app – High waste, poor  pricing, pricing vs. competitor, products not selling in store, products selling slowly, low stock, gap analysis, sales declining… Measuring outcomes – Campaigns (In store, Store vs. store, peer v peer, product v product, regional coming soon).


· Monitoring of how products are performing across stores (or store chain) and identify gaps   
· Measuring the impact of promotions and any other in-store activity (Merchandising, refitting, marketing campaigns)
· Improving sales or store management of products by applying messaging to the digital price tags   

· Insights – Eg. Products Cheaper than Competition, High waste products, Products with declining sales trend, static prices
· ESL messaging (Automated competitor price matching on label, floor messaging to help operations
· Campaigns – Select products where performance can be measured and compared to understand exactly what is going on in store or across stores


Many solutions offer basic data analysis Pulse offers recommendation to stores, and can measure the impact of such insights through its unique Campaigns feature. No data analysis tool on the market leverages or enhances ESLs (or other IOT assets in Store). Pulse consolidates this data to make more relevant recommendations and increase the value the customer gets.


Store managers/supervisors, Retail directors, Pricing managers, Operations managers.

A data feed to send us the stores trading , ESLs/Captana can add to solution but not required. 

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