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About VusionGroup  

Technologies for Positive Commerce 

We invent digital solutions for sustainable and human-centered commerce

Our mission  

At VusionGroup, we invent technologies that create a positive impact on society by enabling sustainable and human-centered commerce. 

Key figures  

VusionGroup by the numbers as of 12/31/2023

We are the global leader in smart digital labels and Retail IoT solutions for physical commerce, serving over 350 large retailers around the world in Europe, Asia, and America.

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Our vision  

Transform physical stores into digital assets 

Retail is the world’s largest industry, representing over 20% of global GDP and employment. It is amongst human activities with the highest impact on our societies. However, it is faced with critical sustainability challenges: food safety is a growing concern, food waste is exploding, as well as retail’s carbon footprint, driven by an unsustainable upward trend of logistics and packaging needs. Today, consumers strongly express aspirations to a new and positive commerce — omnichannel, sustainable, transparent, safe, fair, and respectful of personal data. 

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In this context, there is a major need to put technology at the service of commerce and consumers. Retailers and brands can now harness the power of IoT, Cloud, and AI technologies to turn physical stores into high-value digital assets. Stores become more automated, data-driven, and connected to consumers and suppliers and are able to provide better service and information, for a frictionless, ubiquitous, and personalized shopping experience, while ensuring utmost data integrity and personal data privacy. Retail digitalization will also produce accurate in-store data analytics in real time, opening an era of enhanced collaboration between suppliers and retailers to improve the overall chain’s efficiency, transparency, safety, and sustainability. 

As a global leading retail technology provider, VusionGroup’s core mission is to help retailers and brands achieve this digital transformation of physical commerce. 

Our solutions 

We invent retail IoT solutions  

For over 30 years, VusionGroup has been the trusted partner for retailers and brands for the use of digital technology in stores.     

Our technologies improve pricing agility, accuracy, and integrity, enable omnichannel synchronization of prices, product information, and marketing content, and increase the productivity of shelf replenishment and in-store picking for online orders. 

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Our solutions improve employee satisfaction by freeing up time from cumbersome low-value-added tasks and allowing employees to focus on customer service and merchandising tasks. Our solutions connect shelves to the cloud, providing real-time, accurate information about product availability and location. This allows retailers to reduce their inventory and avoid out-of-stock and waste and ensures improved on-shelf availability and merchandising compliance. We empower consumers with better product, nutritional, and traceability information at the shelf, enabling a frictionless in-store shopping experience, with features such as product search and way-finding.  

Our team 

Meet our leadership team  

Thierry Gadou 

Group Chairman & CEO 


Thierry Lemaitre 



Andreas Rössl 



Pierre Demoures 

SEVP & COO (Global Sales and Customer Services) 


Marianne Noel 

SEVP – Human Resources 


Roy Horgan 

SEVP Strategy, Marketing & Communications 


Pascale Dubreuil 

General Secretary 


Jérôme Hamrit

SEVP Business Development


Michael Moosburger 

SEVP PDidigital


Sébastien Fourcy 



Philippe Bottine

SEVP America 


Michael Unmüßig 

SEVP & CEO Captana 


Alexis Mau

SEVP & CEO Memory

Ready for whatever comes next - VusionGroup Careers

Ready for whatever comes next  

Join our talented, multidisciplinary, multicultural team and help build the future of retail IoT.

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