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Track, monitor, and manage retail IoT devices from anywhere. 
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Retail IoT Platform 

Optimize IoT device management  

Our VusionCloud platform is a retail IoT management solution that enables you to track, monitor, and manage digital price tags and IoT devices from anywhere, anytime. Close monitoring capabilities for millions of devices at once — from tracking asset shipments to streamlining warranty and RMA processes — enable you to streamline operations at minimal cost. VusionCloud offers security, scalability, and reliability while keeping costs under control for retailers with a SaaS-based model.

VusionCloud: unique Cloud Solution for Retailers

  • limitless scalability

    Limitless scalability 

    VusionCloud is built on an elastic model for greater scalability — allowing retail businesses to expand their IoT infrastructure as they grow, easily and quickly.  

  • asset management

    Improve IoT asset sustainability  

    With our unique Asset Management add-on, VusionCloud provides valuable insights to help optimize and extend the lifespan of electronic shelf labels and IoT devices.

  • security

    Top-tier security 

    We offer industry-leading cloud security for retailers with pen testing, ISO 27001 and other safety compliances

vusionlive benefits
VusionCloud Benefits  

How the VusionCloud family of products works in-store  

Our comprehensive IoT platform is tailor-made for retailers to easily integrate with your existing in-store IoT devices to monitor, track, and manage hardware via app or API.

Why VusionCloud works for you 

track IoT devices

Keep track of your IoT Devices 

Track your IoT assets from shipment to store shelves. Receive timely alerts via app and API, get valuable usage insights, and ensure devices are running smoothly. 

scale IoT devices

Make the most of your IoT  

Rapidly scale your connected IoT devices with ease, through seamless integration with a unified platform leveraging the market-leading IoT protocol in retail.  

see ROI impact

See ROI impact  

Our secure, scalable, and open IoT platform was created to increase operational efficiency while reducing maintenance costs. 

Streamline operations with the most comprehensive retail IoT platform

price monitoring

Join us in the future of retail 

+17K stores in the cloud  82 million managed labels   Over 100M/hr item integration    Over 1bn/hr 10M updates in less than 2 hrs.    ISO 27001 certified  ISO 9001 certified 

VusionCloud FAQ

VusionCloud is a Cloud Retail IoT platform with the strongest security, reliability, and performances. It allows customers to track, manage and monitor their electronic shelf labels throughout their lifecycle, from delivery to end-of-life.

VusionCloud is a Software as a Service platform that helps retailers reduce their operational costs by automating many routine tasks at the shelf such as price and promotion updates, and requires no capital expenditures, no new store hardware equipment, and no expensive/hidden operating costs.

Thanks to its wide range of APIs, retailers can easily integrate VusionCloud in their own ecosystem. Our APIs agility enables rapid access to a whole range of possibilities to deliver additional value in stores on-demand.

With VusionCloud, customers ensure that prices and promotions are always synchronized online and in-store. Thanks to its web and mobile interfaces, retailers can have a real-time access to the store activity and the status of its assets, from anywhere at anytime. VusionCloud also includes a monitoring tool to identify and spot unusual device or infrastructure behavior to reduce mean-time-to-resolution and ensure accurate pricing in the store.

VusionCloud Products  

Get detailed information on the VusionCloud family of products  

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