Retail Intelligence Software: Drive Strategic Decisions through AI

Leverage​ Data and AI to Optimize Sales Performance ​& Profitability. Memory caters to both headquarters and enterprise store chains, as well as individual stores.
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High-performance retail analytics  

Data is our DNA. Retail is our expertise. ​Combining both is our unique strength.​

Retail Intelligence helps retailer HQs, stores and CPG brands make sense of scattered data and enable evidence-based decisions. Using AI-powered suggestions, Retail Intelligence solves concrete issues, boost sales performance by automating product assortment (mix), optimizing merchandising, pricing strategy, collaboration with brands and connect with the execution in store.
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Memory: Beyond Analytics, AI-Powered Intelligence for Retail

  • memory

    We understand retail.

    We analyze transactional, supply chain, logistics, and shopper behavior data from 20,000+ stores. Partnering with industry leaders, we leverage 25 million households’ shopping behavior for a precise view of product consumption and performance.

  • custom reporting

    We work with different data sets.

    Combining diverse data sources with our deep-rooted retail knowledge, we identify assortment optimization opportunities, provide predictive scenarios, and offer grounded recommendations to drive your product categories.

  • optimize assortment

    We deliver action plans.

    Catering to brand’s needs, we support your marketing, trade and logistics discussions through decision-making and action-oriented tools dedicated to your business assortment.

How work Memory in store?
Memory Benefits  

How the Memory family of products works in-store  

Software systems work together, integrating your in-store data and third-party sources to provide meaningful insights that optimize store performance.

Why adopt Memory, the next gen Retail Intelligence Software

ai recommendations

Make evidence-based decisions

Inform better decision-making with AI recommendations and simulate product or pricing models to see estimates on their ROI impact. 

custom analysis and reporting

Get custom analysis and reporting 

Tailor monitoring and reporting to your business needs. Measure sales performance and easily identify issues and priorities. 

data from IoT devices

Measure impact in-store 

Harness the power of your data from electronic shelf labels and IoT devices on the shop floor and trigger actions in the aisles for immediate impact on store performance.

maximize ROI

Strategize and monetize with brand partners

Collaborate and share insights with vendors on a single platform and build joint strategies for targeted marketing and maximizing ROI.  


Ground your decision-making with trusted insights and performance simulations  

Advanced-Data Integration: Seamlessly integrate and aggregate diverse data sources, providing a unified and comprehensive view of business performance Actionable Business Recommendations: Beyond traditional analytics, RI delivers actionable business recommendations tailored for both day-to-day operations and strategic initiatives to drive efficiency and growth in retail operations. Embedded Simulation Tools: Leverage robust simulation capabilities to test and optimize various aspects of your operations, such as product assortment, pricing strategies, and merchandising techniques. Connection to In-Store IoT with Floor Messaging: Translate data into action, by automatically displaying messaging on in-store Electronic Shelf Labels to communicate with store associates or calling out promotions and price matching for shoppers.

memory ROI impact

See Memory’s ROI impact 

2% to 8% Uplift in sales on recommended assortment

5PTS Incremental sales on targeted promotions

0.5% to 2% Incremental revenue through monetization

50% Time reduction for building product mixes


Retail intelligence: What is it and why is it crucial for today's retailers

Listen to the RETHINK Retail podcast hosted by retail expert, Matthew Adam Smith: Clément Galeron, our esteemed Client Director at VusionGroup, discusses the power of our ‘In The Memory’ solution in transforming retail intelligence by harnessing valuable data and turning insights into actionable strategies.
Frequently asked questions

Memory sets itself apart from other retail intelligence software through several key differentiators. Firstly, we boast a modern and innovative in-house platform that utilizes different data sets to address specific use cases. Moreover, we excel in leveraging loyalty card data, a valuable asset in the retail landscape. Unlike other software, Memory actively supports decision-making processes, ensuring that our insights translate into actionable strategies. Our platform is highly agile and customizable, tailored to the unique needs and processes of each retailer and brand. With a team possessing strong expertise in retail, we prioritize innovation and focus on answering critical business questions through data-driven insights. Our agile platform allows for seamless customization to match our clients’ processes and needs, ensuring a tailored and effective solution.

The Analyze solution and Inflation module assesses the price impact on categories. It allows defining optimal price points, considering factors like customer behavior in response to price changes. The inflation analysis module identifies the structure of the category and analyzes the impact of price inflation on the turnover.

  • 2% to 4% of sales growth through assortment optimization
  • 15% to 30% increase of promotions profitability
  • 50% to 70% productivity gain on category management tasks

Memory Products  

Get detailed information on the Memory family of products  

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