Smart inventory management  

Digitalize paper-based signage and automate operations. 
inventory management
High-performance digital signage  

Eliminate manual and paper-based processes

PDI Digital’s sepioo® is an IoT-based solution that enables businesses to automate and digitize their processes, eliminating the need for manual and paper-based operations. With the combination of a SaaS platform and IoT devices, Sepioo® provides the backbone for smart inventory management systems and digital signage. 
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The PDI digital difference  

  • PDIDigital_Comprehensive IoT Inventory Solution

    A comprehensive IoT inventory solution  

    PDI Digital’s sepioo® combines a SaaS platform and IoT devices into one seamless solution that automates and digitizes industrial processes. 

  • PDIDigital_LocateAssetsInRealTime

    Locate your assets in real time    

    Access real-time geolocation data with GPS precision, indoor and outdoor, and unlock location-based triggers for your workflows (distance traveled, perimeter).    

  • PDIDigital_ImpactAcrossIndustries 

    Impact across industries 

    From manufacturing and logistics to healthcare and automotive, sepioo® is a flexible solution for a wide range of industries. 

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PDI digital benefits  

How the PDI digital family of products works   

Software and hardware systems work together, creating the digital backbone of a smart inventory system.

Why PDI digital works for you 


Digitalize your paper-based signage  

Shift to dynamic information sharing with digital signage and eliminate the need for paper’s associated costs, waste, and labor.  

Displays PdiDigital

Leverage dynamic data displays   

Share information from your systems and ERP where it’s needed in real time, with instant updates on item status or location.  


Automate manual processes   

Create custom triggers based on location data or actioning buttons. Streamline day-to-day operations and reduce errors with LED hints & pick to light. 


Track your assets in real time  

Locate your assets with GPS precision — indoor and outdoor — and optimize workflows with location-based triggers.  

Enhance day-to-day operations with automated efficiencies   


The PDI digital family of products includes valuable features: 

LED signal for pick-and-put by light — reduces search time and picking errors  Real-time geolocation tracking — provides visibility on assets throughout the complete operation   Trigger actions by button-press & sensors — associates can request instructions, a refill, or help; confirm tasks, count inventory, and implement quality testing  

PDI digital Products  

Get detailed information on the PDI digital family of products  

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