Drive your Store with AI and Computer Vision

Maximize on-shelf availability, increase unit sales, and reduce waste.
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Quality shelf monitoring

Gain real-time visibilty of every shelf

Captana’s mini wireless cameras (GDPR compliant) give retailers visibility into every shelf and product in-store, at all times, without monitoring individuals. Delivering real-time shelf monitoring data and analysis, Captana helps run stores more efficiently, increasing top-line revenue and gross profit margin with AI-enabled retail forecasting.
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The Captana difference

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    AI-powered insights

    Captana’s AI-powered insights provide both IoT asset management and retail task management to improve on-shelf availability (OSA), increase unit sales, and reduce waste. 

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    Simple integration

    Our technologies are built to easily connect with your existing systems, applications, and products and smoothly integrate with your enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems.

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captana benefits
Captana Benefits

How the Captana family of products works in-store

Hardware and software systems work together and easily integrate with your existing ERP to imrprove shelf performance.

Why Captana works for you

automate shelf monitoring

Automate shelf monitoring

Streamline operations and reduce inventory management inefficiencies with automated shelf monitoring and gap scanning, without monitoring individuals and in compliance with the GDPR.  

Leverage real-time business insights

Leverage real-time business insights

Maximize on-shelf availability and respond to changing market conditions in real time. Prioritize staff scheduling based on day-to-day store needs.

Optimize sales forecasting

Optimize sales forecasting

Improve product assortment planning and replenishment to reduce waste and optimize revenue growth and promotions through automated insights and real-time data.

Elevate your customer experience

Elevate your customer experience

Understand customer behavior with point of sale (POS) data that enables you to keep the products your customers want available in store and offer relevant promotions.

Captana Features

Improve on-shelf availability with the most advanced, scalable shelf monitoring solution

captana in store

Captana includes connected hardware and software solutions

Wireless shelf-edge mini-cameras (GDPR compliant) connect to the cloud platform dashboard to provide 24/7 shelf monitoring without monitoring individuals, automatic alerts, and automatic SKU identification.

supply chain optimization

Run your store more efficiently

Increase labor efficiency +9%

Increase on-shelf availability +4% 
on average

Increase sales +2%

Increase customer satisfaction 
+10-20 NPS

Captana Products

Get detailed information on the Captana family of products

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