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Customer success story | March 6, 2024 | 4 min read

EUROSPAR & Captana: Increased on-shelf availability & boosted sales

EUROSPAR Barrow Street, an independent Irish retailer located at the heart of local communities in Dublin, improved on-shelf stock availability, revenue and shopper experience with the implementation of Captana.

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Captana implementation at EUROSPAR Barrow Street

EUROSPAR Barrow Street’s Challenge

EUROSPAR Barrow Street Dublin faced operational challenges with manual inventory management, causing time delays and reduced on-shelf availability. Cumbersome ordering processes and delayed restocking jeopardized potential revenue.

To address these issues, the store adopted Captana’s AI-based solution, including Captana App fed by 18 Captana cameras covering approximately 2000 SKUs. The goal: streamline ordering, improve on-shelf availability, and boost overall retail efficiency and increase customer NPS.

The impact of the Captana solution at EUROSPAR

Captana’s AI-driven solution yielded a series of significant benefits for the store, starting with enhancing its efficiency based on improved and more timely inventory management which directly created a positive impact on shoppers’ purchases.

Moreover, Captana substantially increased on-shelf availability, particularly in the Cakes category, resulting in sales improvement and enhancing overall store performance.

The solution also allowed EUROSPAR Barrow Street to fully transform its ordering process, saving approximately 30 seconds per SKU. This translated into a more streamlined and time-efficient workflow for the store team.

Furthermore, Captana impacted the store’s bottom line from both revenue increase and productivity. The solution’s role in improving product visibility and availability, along with the recommendation of adding facings, led to a significant revenue boost in the Water and Soft Drinks category.

The Computer Vision and AI solution also delivered an unexpected advantage: an Improved Ordering Process by providing real-time insights for better decision-making, optimizing stock levels, and minimizing waste.

Captana: an innovative solution designed to improve efficiency and performance

In a specific case, Captana identified ISHKA Irish Spring Water with two facings and frequent out-of-shelf events. Analyzing the data, the recommendation was to increase facings from 2 to 3 to improve on-shelf availability. Adjusting the neighbouring slow-moving product’s facing did not impact its sales but created space for more ISHKA Water. As a result, after the implementation of Captana’s recommendations, the brand benefited from a +153% sales uplift.


  • +7% OSA*-Uplift on Cakes from September to November 23.
  • +7% Revenue-Uplift on Water & Soft Drinks in August – November 2023 vs. the same period in 2022.
  • 30 seconds saved per product reference in the re-ordering process 
  • Significant sales uplift, as +153% for the ISHKA Irish Spring Water.

*OSA: On Shelf Availability


“I am delighted to be able to work with Captana as it helps my team and I to work more efficiently and in an easier way. Captana helps us increase our product availability, improve our revenue and enhance our customer satisfaction.”

Neeraj Mathura Store Manager at EUROSPAR Barrow Dublin
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