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Customer success story | February 2, 2022 | 3 min read

How Eurospar increased its sales by +20% using VUSION platform

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Located in the heart of the tech district of Dublin, EuroSpar Barrow Street is continuously improving its operational efficiency and sales performance by leveraging the full VUSION Cloud platform.
Thanks to our smart labels, our Pulse software developed by MarketHub Tech but also our Cloud platform and Captana solution, EuroSpar benefits from a 360° view on all store activities, delivering them precious data and feedback on their actions and operations.

A unique combination of features and benefits that enabled EuroSpar to boost its performance in a matter of weeks thanks for the best-in-class technology developed by SES-imagotag:

  • Over +4% uplift in gross margin over an 12 month period on almost 30% of the store, thanks to the products being identified as benefitting from a Price Increase suggestion by our Pulse software;
  • An average uplift of +20% in sales each week on at least 5% of the store’s products, as they were identified by Pulse to be selling for less than a main supermarket competitor. With Pulse’s Competitor Price Matching automation the store was able to present this information on the ESL at the shelf for the consumer.

As they recently implemented Captana, EuroSpar will also get the chance to monitor shelves and SKUs in real-time, bringing tons of data points which, when combined with POS systems and other sources, enables them to constantly measure, learn and improve as a store through data.

David O’Leary, Supervisor Eurospar Barrow Street: “It’s very important for us to always explore technologies to help us improve customer experience. VUSION, Captana and Pulse combined gives a 360 view of what’s happening in the store, and thanks to these solutions we are more agile, we improve continuously. The results speak for themselves”.


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