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Run successful digital campaigns in your store. 
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Premier digital campaigns   

Deliver impactful messages at the shelf

Our Engage marketing platform enables retailers and brands to partner on impactful digital campaigns in physical stores. Improve inventory turnover by reaching customers right at the shelf with compelling calls to action. Insightful reporting allows you to optimize and adjust campaigns in real time, so retailers can turn foot traffic into financial uptick and brands can achieve higher returns on ad spend.

Engage: One-Stop Shop In-Store Marketing Platform

  • dynamic campaigns

    Run Dynamic Campaigns In-Store 

    Engage with shoppers via digital content delivered at the shelf, on schedule, automatically. 

  • real-time monitoring

    Real-time monitoring

    Measure the real-time impact of campaigns and generate real-time 360º insights for understanding customer behaviors. 

  • monetize foot traffic

    Monetize foot traffic 

    Leverage retail media ad spend & foot traffic to create an additional revenue stream at the shelf.

engage benefits
Engage Benefits  

How the Engage family of products works in-store  

Our turnkey solution integrates hardware, software, and analytics to effortlessly run dynamic in-store marketing campaigns.

Why Engage works for you 

create new revenue streams

Create new revenue streams 

Easily deliver digital campaigns to encourage purchasing and generate sales at the moment when it makes the most impact on the shoppers.

brand partnerships

Strengthen brand partnerships 

Protect and grow promotional revenue and give CPG brands cost-effective, targeted access to shoppers.

ESG commitment

Enhance your ESG commitment

By eliminating paper waste and reducing your carbon footprint through efficient promotional signage. 

interactive experience

Create interactive experiences in-store

Create campaigns beyond promotions that offer brand experiences in-store and get to know your customers better through their interaction.

Ignite sales and captivate customers with cutting-edge digital campaigns in-store 

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Automate campaigns with one click  

With Engage software you can easily schedule and automate new content through playlists associated with in-store touchpoints — individually, by group, or through an entire retail chain with just one click. 

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Measure and benchmark campaign performance  

Determine campaign performance — product by product — and benchmark it against your store and other products’ performance. Get comprehensive reports on campaign execution with shelf images taken throughout the campaign.  

Revitalift and VusionGroup
Case study

Monoprix + Revitalift 

The challenge: Trial campaign on the impact of content

Customer goal: Price promotion with consumer & benefit-oriented content

Results: 65.21% of sales uplift in 4 months (with 2 baseline campaigns and 2 promotions)

Case study

CCEP Belsize Park

The challenges: Campaign on product upsell

Customer goal: Product push, upsell on a particular product advertised on the rails.

Results: 188% increase in sales on the main product advertised in 60 days vs. previous sales trends.

*Compared to products of the same brand (diet, zero, etc.), the promoted products performed better by a minimum of 21%.

*Other products of the same brands (diet, zero, etc.) have all seen an upsell between 33% and 165% over the same period.

Frequently asked questions

  • Precise and agile campaign programming and execution directly at the shelf.
  • Integration of marketing content with accurate price information on in-store touchpoints.
  • Flexibility of in-store touchpoints, customizable to store concepts, available space, and marketing objectives (size, color options, dynamic or static content).
  • Comprehensive analytics offering monitoring of execution, analysis of foot traffic, proximity, and dwell time via sensors, along with performance measurement through shopper data analytics.

Engage offers an in-store marketing platform, empowering both retailers and brands to launch digital campaigns directly within physical stores. Leveraging Shelf Edge rails and V700/ESLs strategically positioned at the shelf, Engage ensures messages are delivered precisely when and where shoppers are making purchasing decisions. These dynamic digital campaigns not only captivate shoppers but also optimize ad spend returns for brands, while simultaneously driving additional revenues for retailers.

Engage acts as an intermediary between retailers and brands, encouraging the use of self-service tools to facilitate content publication and ensure retailers profit from selling ad space.

Engage offers extensive customization options to adapt to diverse retail environments. Content can be tailored to suit specific needs, ensuring relevance and effectiveness. Additionally, various hardware configurations, such as rails of different lengths and monitors of different sizes (ranging from 60cm to 120cm) including options like LCD or e-paper displays, can be implemented to match the requirements of different retail spaces. Clients can leverage our API to seamlessly integrate Engage with their CMS, allowing for comprehensive customization and integration tailored to their unique environment and objectives.

Engage Products  

Get detailed information on the Engage family of products  

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