IoT networking infrastructure

Combine the power of infraless and Smart Coexistence with SESimagotag

SESimagotag’s IoT infrastructure is the combined power of infraless and Smart Coexistence ​to deliver fast integration and turnaround time in existing environments, easy in-store installation and maintenance with hardware infrastructure reduction, and a lower Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) and Capex. Through 3rd party integrations across a leading partner ecosystem, SESimagotag provides retailers with a truly infraless offering.

SESimagotag’s Unique Smart Coexistence

Excellence in service is delivered, leveraging the expertise of VusionGroup and our partners to digitize physical commerce and respond to each customer’s needs — immediately and everywhere.

Integrate easily with existing Access Points partners

Thanks to its leading partner ecosystem, SESimagotag offers a comprehensive offering of 3rd parties native integrations and plug-and-play connectors.

Connect your In-Store retail network solution with minimal effort

SESimagotag’s IoT infrastructure is made simple by design, connecting your in-store IoT requires minimal effort and quick turnaround times.

Manage At Scale, leave the upgrades to us

SESimagotag’s Access Points manage up to 10 000 ESLs each, requiring less hardware than traditional routers for a larger number of connected endpoints.

Zero interference, even in busy retail network environments

Through its unique and patented Smart Coexistence or automated channel selection and low ESL emission SESimagotag’s infrastructure is designed to prevent radio interferences or deliver a strong network in all busy retail environments.

Lower your carbon footprint with a lightweight infrastructure

SESimagotag’s infraless solutions leverage existing leading Wi-Fi infrastructures to connect ESLs to the Cloud eliminating the need for additional hardware deployments, cabling or power consumption associated with dedicated Access Points

Choose the best fitting infrastructure for your retail environment

With SESimagotag benefit from three integration options, from complete integration and Smart Coexistence with access points partners to simple plug-and-play standalone connectivity with V:Gate.

Partner with VusionGroup - Strategic Technology Ally

Strategic Technology Allies

Infrastructure-less (infraless) offering with leading wireless technology partners. VusionGroup has been working with all major wireless technology partners to seamlessly integrate its patented technologies. VusionGroup is able to provide retailers with a scalable and easy-to-deploy platform, enabling them to spend most of their time leveraging the benefits of our solutions, rather than on deployment.

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IoT Infrastructure Solutions

Comprehensive offering of native integrations, plug-n-play connectors and dedicated hardware, connecting ESLs to the VusionCloud Retail IoT Platform is hassle-free, easy to maintain and comes without a heavy financial burden.​

  • SESimagotag IoT networking infrastructure Native Integration

    Get the most of your infrastructure with our Native Integration

    Benefit from Smart Coexistence through Native integration, enabling access points to perform tasks seamlessly without interference.


  • Upgrade your existing installation with our simple Integration

    SESimagotag offers two different options of simple integration for pre-existing infrastructure in stores. Simply plug a dongle in or have a IoT card integrated in the access point.

  • Focus only on the essential with a Standalone Access Point

    With V:Gate Electronic Shelf Labels connectivity is as easy as plug-n-play. V:Gate ensures top-tier security using standards like JSON Web Token, Signature and Encryption as well as secure boot. This prevents data interception or tampering.

Reduced carbon footprint

Reduced carbon footprint across entire retails chains through savings in electricity consumption.

Through 3rd party integrations across a leading partner ecosystem, SESimagotag’s retail network solutions reduces the need for cabling, hardware and power consumption across entire store chains.

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