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Customer success story | June 6, 2024 | 7 min read

How Captana, the VusionGroup’s automated inventory management system, increases sales and profitability at Conad Superstore?

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Captana, VusionGroup's automated inventory management system at Conor Superstore

Conad is a well-known retail store brand that operates one of the largest supermarket chains in Italy, with retail stores of several industries present all over Italian regions. Conad Superstore is the Conad’s stores branch dedicated to large supermarkets and it is the leading large-scale retail brand.

The Conad Superstore located in Sorbolo covers an area of over 2000 square metres, commercializes 20,000 product references and represents a total of 14 million euros of annual turnover. The store chose VusionGroup and deployed its inventory management system Captana: a total of 100 shelf cameras have been installed across the store.  

The future of retail is here: Discover the impact of Captana on Conad Superstore’s success


In a store with 20,000 different products references, sometimes, it can be difficult to make sure that every customer finds the product they are looking for every time they come to the store: paying attention to product availability is essential. This is one of the reasons why Conad Superstore, Sorbolo chose to install Captana, the innovative shelf monitoring solution from VusionGroup, together with our partner SID Parma who took care of the installation. 

Monitor your shelf anytime, everywhere  

Captana is an automated inventory management solution based on computer vision and AI. It provides retailers with a full overview of the store insights in real-time.

At Conad Superstore in Sorbolo, the installation of the 100 shelf cameras has given the store’s associates a better visibility of the shelf situation, allowing a better control of out of stocks to ensure product availability. 


“By accessing Captana dashboard, I can monitor my store anytime, anywhere. ”

Massimo Masoni Conad Sorbolo Superstore owner

The Captana Live application, installed on the associates portable devices, has been used by the store to manage their daily operations and deal with every event that occurs within the aisles.  

Make decisions immediately to increase on-shelf availability and reduce out of stocks  

In retail, even a few out of stock products during a limited time can represent an important financial loss on the turnover of a store. By sending real-time alerts whenever a critical situation occurs on the shelf, one of the main benefits of Captana is that it allows the store to immediately take decisions based on concrete indicators.

At Conad Superstore in Sorbolo, the implementation of Captana not only enabled the store employees to increase their decision-making efficiency but also, to better manage the priorities, by focusing on specific identified operations, such as promotional offers or in-out items.  


“We can cross-reference our planogram with the real situation in the store. This provides a strategic tool that is difficult to replicate, immediate, and easily activated. ”

Roberto Quadroni Project Manager italy for innovation process Captana - VusionGroup

The store was able to identify the shelves that require the most attention thanks to Captana.


“The software also displays a complete overview of the shelves or areas that require more care. We can examine them by mobile app, in front of the shelf, or by Captana Desktop software on computer.”

Georgio Scalzi Conod Sorbolo Grocery manager
captana inventory management system at conor superstore

Define the priorities based on the real situation of your store

Not only did it allow the store to determine where the out of stocks were happening on the shelves to take immediate short-term decisions, but it also helped to identify the origin of these out of stocks, enabling better allocation of resources to the store operations that require it the most.


“With Captana I can check on a weekly basis if out of stocks are caused by logistical disservices or incorrect reorders and then, determine which operations require more attention in the store. ”

Massimo Masoni Conod Sorbolo Superstore owner

Thanks to Captana’s artificial Intelligence and Computer Vision features, Conad Superstore, Sorbolo benefited from regular updates on the store’s situation and an automated redefinition of the planogram.

Captana allowed the store to quickly react, have a complete control and monitoring of the situation, and to collect data that have been used to implement long-term actions later 

Deeper analysis allowed by VusionCloud  

Moreover, the store also benefited from the combined use of Captana with VusionCloud, the Cloud for Retail solution of VusionGroup allowing to track, monitor and manage IoT devices and streamline store operations. Using VusionCloud, Conad Superstore, Sorbolo has been able to collect and archive the data generated by Captana to go deeper in analysis.   


“Every single piece of information captured by Captana is archived in detail on VusionGroup's Cloud. Thanks to this enormous database, we can go deep in analytics and visualize store performances, while acting on the supply chain at any level. ”

Roberto Quadroni Project Manager italy for innovation process Captana - VusionGroup

Immediate results on out of stocks

As a result, in only 3 months, the store benefited from 2% of out of stocks reduction, thanks to the corrective operations on assortment and inventories suggested by Captana and leveraged both sales and profitability.  

Additionaly, following the success of Captana implementation, Conad Superstore, Sorbolo decided to continue working on other projects with VusionGroup involving planograms and displays.


automated inventory management system captana

Key results  

  • Reduce out-of-stocks by 2% in 3 months;
  • Manage your store from anywhere, anytime;
  • Craft a winning strategy for your store’s success – short and long term;
  • Take control of your priorities – identify what matters most in your store;
  • Unleash the power of data! Gain deep insights and visualize your store’s performance with VusionCloud.
We’re here to help make your store smarter and more efficient.
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