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Customer success story | November 23, 2023 | 5 min read

Euronics extends its digitalization in stores with SES-imagotag’s 4-color ESLs in Baltics

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Euronics digitalization 4-color ESLs

Euronics Estonia, part of Europe’s leading consumer electronics retail group, deploys for the first time ESLs with 4-color display technology, and the VUSION IoT Cloud platform, in 19 stores in Estonia and Latvia. 


Collaborating to drive digital transformation in the consumer electronics retail landscape

Euronics Estonia is a retailer operating in the home appliances and consumer electronics sector. SES-imagotag has been supporting Euronics in its digital journey since 2017 across several countries: Italy, Germany, Netherlands, Austria, Portugal, United Arab Emirates, United Kingdom and Turkey. Euronics continues its digital transformation with the roll-out of the next-gen Electronic Shelf Labels with 4-color display technology and the VUSION IoT Cloud platform in 19 stores in Estonia and Latvia.  

Through this new deployment, SES-imagotag further extends its leadership in Europe and especially in the consumer electronics industry as 8 of the top 10 CE retailers opted for the solutions designed by the Group. 

From paper tags to an omnichannel experience

Before, Euronics Estonia used paper tags and selected SES-imagotag to automate their price adjustments and assure reliability of prices for customers.  

Moreover, Euronics wanted to make their promotions and marketing campaigns stand out more effectively with a vibrant color pallet to catch shoppers’ attention, elevate their brand visibility, emphasize distinctiveness of their products, and transform customer experience making shopping more enjoyable and engaging. To provide a compelling omnichannel experience, the consumer electronics retailer decided to include a QR code visible on the ESLs leading to Euronic’s e-store.  

Electronic Shelf Labels VusionGroup

“As the pilot installations of SES-imagotag's solutions proved to be successful, we decided to roll-out the VUSION IoT Cloud platfom and the ESLs with 4-color display to all of our stores. Thanks to these deployments, we can offer to our customers and employees a better in-store experience while also, standout our products through an additional spectrum of colors for an enhanced journey. ”

Kaidi Kelt Head of Retail, Euronics Estonia

How VUSION brings color to the shelves and improve the omnichannel experience 

After a successful pilot phase with the VUSION IoT Cloud platform in Latvia, Euronics Estonia made the decision to expand the solutions across Estonia and deploy the first installation of 4-color ESLs in their stores. In cooperation with the local SES-imagotag’s partner, Hansab, a rental model was agreed, which allows to reduce one-off investment.  

The VUSION IoT Cloud platform helps Euronics Estonia to automate their price adjustments and avoid pricing errors. In addition, thanks to the ESLs with 4-color display technology: black, white, red, and yellow, Euronics can make their promotions and marketing stand out, leverage their brand visibility, differentiate, highlight and better feature unique attributes on their products while bringing color to the shelf edge. 

Moreover, now with the QR code visible on the ESLs that leads to Euronic’s e-store, customers have access to key messages and additional information about the products when scanning the code, leading to an enhanced customer experience. 

Among the benefits, the sustainability aspect is also remarkable by reducing the consumption of paper, toners, and use of printers. 

“We are delighted to have been selected by Euronics Estonia to deploy the first Electronic Shelf Labels with 4-color display technology bringing countless new possibilities to shelves in their stores. This partnership strengthen our leadership in the region and represents other milestone in our collaboration with Euronics, now in Baltics, highlighting the relevance of our VUSION IoT Cloud platform and innovative solutions for the consumer electronics vertical. ”

Sébastien Fourcy SEVP EMEA of SES-imagotag
euronics 4 color esls


  • Automated prices & promotions; 
  • Reduced time spent on paper tag updates; 
  • Improved customer experience in-store;  
  • Elevated brand visibility with better consistency; 
  • Products better differentiated featuring unique attributes. 
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