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Sustainability | April 23, 2024 | 4 min read

Driving Performance & Sustainability in e-Commerce with Store Digitalization

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NRF - E commerce & sustaintability Session

At NRF 2024, we were delighted to take the stage in a session with Philippe Bottine, CEO North America at VusionGroup and Mark Ibbotson, Former EVP Central Operations at Walmart & Senior Advisor McKinsey at McKinsey. This session was moderate by Anne Mezzenga, Co-CEO at Omni Talk.

During this insightful presentation, the speakers talked about strategies for promoting sustainability through the lens of local e-commerce and highlighted the potential of this approach to drive positive environmental impact.


“Repurposing stores is the most sustainable and profitable thing you can do by reinventing your current estate.”

Mark Ibbotson Former EVP Central Operations Walmart & Senior Advisor McKinsey at McKinsey.

Moreover, the session explored how retailers can enhance the efficiency of fulfilling online orders and optimizing the in-store fulfillment process, emphasizing the significance of providing exceptional service to local shoppers.


“We operate in many regions, and we see significant differences in shopper expectations when it comes to sustainability, between our European and US client base. I think there is a bigger focus when it comes to European consumers but it is coming over to the US.”

Philippe Bottine CEO North America at VusionGroup

Both speakers emphasized that “Sustainability is a journey”, that takes a couple of years. Philippe Bottine explains that retailers need a whole ecosystem of partners to achieve this:


“Sustainability is not something they can do by themselves, they need an ecosystem of partners, they need their CPG partners to work on those topics, and also need tech partners like us to work on those sustainability topics.”

Philippe Bottine CEO North America at VusionGroup

They mentioned that the best way to make a store both sustainable and profitable is through digitalization. Not least because it’s getting easier, thanks to technology that is improving every year, and with a high return on investment.


“The ability to digitize your store with technology is easier today than it has been in the past because technology is so much better”

Mark Ibbotson Former EVP Central Operations Walmart & Senior Advisor McKinsey at McKinsey.

“Everything we do has to have an ROI, and the value keeps increasing every year because we keep adding new capabilities to the portfolio of solutions we deliver, and the cost goes down. Just in the past couple of years the ROI has improved maybe 30 or 40%”

Philippe Bottine CEO North America at VusionGroup

In conclusion, the speakers conveyed a compelling vision where technology acts as a cornerstone for retail advancement. By integrating digital tools, retailers can reshape job roles that lead to employee empowerment and efficiency. Simultaneously, this technology enhances the consumer journey. This dual impact not only enriches the work environment but also, cultivates customer loyalty and satisfaction, solidifying the technology’s role as an enabler of positive transformation within the retail sector.

Master retail’s digital future: Watch the key takeaways from our insightful session!


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