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Blog | January 3, 2023 | 3 min read

Future of Retail: Associates Empowerment

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Future of retail shelf efficiency

Empower your associates with technology

Retailers around the world are facing multiple challenges that undermine their growth, profitability, and operations. With increased competition, price wars, and rising costs, there is an urgent need to completely transform their model while putting people at the heart of their activities.

As job markets stretch, merchants must find ways to bring purpose and meaning to their teams, ensure talent retention, and have dedicated resources here to help consumers and guide them as they shop.

Eliminate tedious and mundane tasks

In-store technology such as digital tags enables retailers to automate prices and promotions (link), resulting in associates having now more time to focus on higher-value-added missions and tasks.

By effectively taking the pain out of the pricing process, in-store staff can free up their time and dedicate themselves to customer service for instance. This results in a general better perception of their tasks and work. At the same time, retailers can benefit from higher/better labor impact as associates do not spend their entire days over repetitive actions.

Display relevant information to your associates

Managing stores is not just about open hours, but also off hours. Before a store opens, associates must make sure that products are available, shelves restocked, merchandising plans are done, and much more.

Smart electronic labels can therefore temporarily abandon their initial pricing purpose to display other information at the shelf: stock levels, expiry dates, upcoming deliveries… By doing so, associates can have access to valuable data as they walk aisles during off hours, resulting in improved efficiency and less time spent on looking for the right information.

Solve operational issues and smoothen complex processes

Beyond pricing processes, smart-devices and sensors can help make existing processes much faster. By digitizing the entire shelf and store, digital technologies make operations much smoother. Through constant product monitoring via wireless cameras, in-store navigation, or visual workforce management at the shelf, associates can access a very wide range of software solutions and services allowing them to be more efficient and prioritize tasks.

As they navigate across aisles, they can access smart companions (applications on phones/PDAs) pointing them to their missions, often sorted by priority/value.

If you want to learn about digital solutions to empower your associates, contact us!

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