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Blog | November 9, 2023 | 8 min read

Digital Furniture Tags

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Digital furniture tags

Furniture Tags Enter the Digital Age

Retailers everywhere are entering the digital era by turning their stores into high-value digital assets. Consumers have come to expect a more connected experience where physical locations are a seamless, more lively extension of their online counterparts. When it comes to furniture, digital price tags make a direct contribution, bridging the gap between in-person shopping and the online world. Discover the power of the VusionCloud IoT Platform and smart electronic furniture tags.

What Are Digital Furniture Tags and How Do They Work?

The VusionCloud Retail IoT Platform, paired with electronic furniture tags, is a comprehensive labeling solution designed to optimize the pricing and store management processes through automation. The hardware and software come together to create an infinitely customizable network of furniture price tags that requires minimal human input and delivers more compelling information for the customers than ever before.

Electronic furniture tags replace traditional paper labels. Their bright, paper-like display showcases descriptions and prices brightly and clearly. They can even be rotated or tilted and are easily removable.

But what truly makes digital price tags stand out is how they revolutionize labeling processes. Instead of having to manually print and swap labels for price updates or promotions, the system lets you manage changes remotely and in real time. It can also be set up to update the electronic tags automatically.

The connected labels deliver a completely different, immersive experience where shoppers can access product information and reviews just like they would online.

Why Do Furniture Retailers Need Digital Price Tags?

In the world of retail, and particularly furniture, digital price tags can truly make a difference. They transform physical stores into data-driven, automated spaces where the real-time connection with suppliers and consumers is at the heart of everything. Electronic smart furniture tags can improve the agility of the store in many ways.

Pricing Accuracy & Information Availability

Replacing labels manually often means delaying the information, sometimes to the point that it is no longer relevant by the time it makes it onto the shelf. Meanwhile, inaccurate or outdated information could cost you a sale every time a consumer misses out on a promotion, for example.

Digital furniture price tags allow store owners to rely on price automation and manage their labels in the Cloud, updating prices and promotions instantly, with minimal effort and great precision.

The SESimagotag solution eliminates pricing errors up to -100%, thus improving price image and customer confidence while avoiding complaints and government fines. Thanks to omnichannel synchronization, you can focus on growing your sales and margins reliably and confidently.

Higher Employee Efficiency & Satisfaction

Utilizing digital price displays in supermarkets  and other retail stores spares employees from mindless, low-value tasks, leaving them more time to focus on running the store optimally.

Electronic furniture tags support additional features such as product geolocation and real-time planogram management. This allows assistants to locate products and prepare orders faster and without the frustration that comes with having to run through the aisles to find an item. The OptiPick solution, for instance, optimizes the path to pick in-store products through a convenient digital map. Employees can take the fastest track and find the product easily thanks to a 180° LED flash blinking on the shelf.

Improved Inventory Management & Stock Availability

Computer vision coupled with the SESimagotag ESL technology uses real-time monitoring and machine learning to detect stockout, product misplacement, and other anomalies. This not only means that staff can stock the shelves more efficiently, but that suppliers can be informed as needed whenever stocks are running low.

From furniture tags all the way to pharmacy shelf labels, the network can be entirely centralized. You will never miss a sale due to stockout again.

Frictionless In-Store Shopping Experience & Optimal Customer Satisfaction

The future of shopping is experiential. Digital furniture price tags can provide the basis for connected services depending on local needs, technological trends, and operations requirements (stock information, synchronized promotions, customer reviews, Scan & Go, etc.). NFC and QR technologies now integrated with digital labels allow customers to peruse customized information through the tags, but they can also access additional details via their smartphones.

The rich content displays incentivize shoppers to explore the products further, just as they would online. Digital furniture tags are the ideal medium for real-time in-store marketing campaigns.

How to Choose the Perfect Digital Price Tag Solution for Furniture Retail?

Deploying a digital labeling solution in any store, whether it involves fruit and vegetable electronic tags or furniture digital price tags, is a decision that can help them streamline operations. The versatility of these systems greatly facilitates the integration process. And with remote capabilities and a well-thought-out software solution, the learning curve is quick, and associates can start saving time almost immediately.

In the first instance, swapping paper labels out for digital ones can be done gradually, updating the information as you go. Once the entire network is in place, you can start interacting with all the price tags in real time using consistent language throughout the store.

The Future of Furniture Retail: Trends in Digital Price Tag Technology

Mobile is on the cusp of becoming the most crucial part of the omnichannel experience, and digital price tags play well into this trend, inviting mobile into the in-store shopping environment.

This is also where V-commerce – which is rapidly gaining traction – can make its way into physical stores, allowing shoppers to see the products in person and use AR to interact with them in a completely different way. This is particularly relevant for forward-thinking furniture businesses already leveraging 3D content. A quick scan of a digital label with a smartphone will unlock a whole new experience.

Customer reviews continue to provide useful information for customers who value unbiased feedback. Connected labels can give shoppers access to these reviews and invite them to peruse visual user-generated content that will help them on their path to purchase.

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