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Blog | November 9, 2023 | 10 min read

Digital Price Displays in Supermarkets

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Digital Price Displays in Supermarkets

The Role of Digital Price Displays in Supermarkets

Grocery aisles are a core element of a store’s interaction with customers and contribute a great deal to the overall in-store experience. Digital price displays take supermarkets to the next level, profoundly disrupting retail pricing operations.

Fitting flawlessly with electronic shelf labels, the SESimagotag solution and its cloud platform allow retailers to manage price updates instantaneously, have complete control over their promotion launches, and monitor their shelves to fine-tune their approach and ensure the highest efficiency.

Digital Price Displays in Supermarkets: A Growing Trend

From rich content labels to customer activation strategies, price automation, and faster check-outs, digital displays in supermarkets are paving the way for a new kind of shopping. While digital grocery store price labels are relatively recent, the industry is embracing this solution to gain better control over price tagging. Computer-centralized digital price displays in supermarkets herald a new era for retailers, allowing them to manage their aisles in real-time.

From the customer’s perspective, digital signage technology is still at a stage where it constitutes a novelty – which certainly works to the store’s advantage. Yet beyond that, digital price displays create an experience that aligns with modern-day expectations.

How Do Grocery Store Price Tags Work?

Digital supermarket price tags – also known as ESL systems – consist of three main elements:

  • The tags themselves – or electronic price labels
  • The ERP system – or back-office server
  • The communication infrastructure

This combination makes it possible to create a flawless integration of the electronic pricing system into an existing software infrastructure, giving the user complete control over price management, inventory management, customer relationship management, and more, all from one convenient system.

The labels come in a variety of models and sizes, making use of e-ink displays for optimal battery life while featuring full-color labels. SESimagotag’s portfolio of electronic shelf labels includes:

  • VUSION HF BWRY (4-color) – an e-paper display for vertical use with embedded NFC and multi-page display.
  • VUSION HF BWR (3-color) – which offers similar specs, ideally suited for general use, call-outs, and promotional badges.
  • VUSION HF BWR Waterproof – a waterproof version.
  • VUSION HF BW Freezer – ideal for freezer aisle use.
  • VUSION HF Sway – a portable tag ideal for use with fashion, apparel, and furniture-type products.

All crucial data is recorded by the server, which sends product prices and other updates to the tags via the communication infrastructure using infrared (IR) or radio frequency (RF).

What Are the Benefits of Going Digital for Your Grocery Store Price Labels?

Utilizing digital price displays in supermarkets offers several advantages.

In-Cloud Store Management

The world of food retail is a fast-paced one, moving and changing as items circulate and merchandising plans are reworked to accommodate new prices and new promotions that require constant updating. With the right grocery store price tags and system, you can monitor all store activities with the highest degree of precision and manage your operations at a lower cost and with minimal effort.

Premium Fixtures & Accessories

Whether you are looking to make the most of your fruit and vegetable electronic tags, pharmacy shelf labels, or anything in between, SESimagotag electronic shelf labels offer specific fixtures designed to accommodate all retailers’ requirements. Digital grocery store price labels can adjust to any situation, providing clear, accurate, and visually appealing information for shoppers. From adjusting the angle to fully rotating the display, the dynamic solution is all about versatility.

Anti-Theft and Anti-Fall System

Gain more control over your merchandising plans and ROI strategies, all while ensuring that only approved users can access your digital price tags. As for the labels themselves, they can be fixed in place for your peace of mind, thanks to VusionGroup’s patented Easylock Anti-Theft System.

Pricing Automation / Intelligence

Digital price displays in supermarkets provide a concrete way to leverage automation, deep learning, and artificial intelligence. For instance, low-value-added tasks can be handled automatically, while pricing actions benefit from dynamic capabilities fed by in-store data. Through this deeper understanding and agile approach, you can eliminate pricing errors, improve price image and customer confidence and satisfaction, avoid government fines, and use seamless omnichannel synchronization to grow your sales and margins.

Optimized In-Store Operations

Enhance in-store efficiency and reduce operational costs by using electronic shelf labels to implement your pricing policies in real-time, adjusting product prices as often as required without taking your staff away from higher-value-added tasks. Instead of spending countless hours pricing products manually, they can focus on on-shelf availability, shelf replenishment, and customer services. Replacing paper tags with their digital counterparts also helps cut down on waste through dynamic product management in the form of shelf capacity and stock-level alerts, real-time promotions and coupons, etc.

More Than Just Prices

Using digital price displays in supermarkets opens up possibilities, taking price tags well beyond the confines of pricing information to a place where they can contribute to enhancing the customer experience.

An LCD ESL electronic shelf can level it up by creating a colorful, lively space for additional product information, promotional details, and interactive elements that provide a more immersive shopping experience. You can even use these displays to give shoppers access to informative content that can aid in decision-making, such as allergen information, sustainability scores, product comparisons and reviews, and more.

Utilizing digital price displays in supermarkets invites customers to step into the future and enjoy a richer shopping experience. From the convenience that a transparent digital shopping environment provides to the entertaining nature of digital signage, ESL shelves are a great way to boost customer satisfaction.

Powerful Add-Ons

ESL systems are only part of the revolution that is welcoming supermarkets into the digital era! Complementary solutions can provide even more information for consumers and collect more data for store owners.

VusionGroup’s Pulse solution, for example, relies on AI-driven analytics to compile data from the aisles, POS information, and third-party sources. Pulse’s engine then analyzes these elements to generate recommendations to help optimize the store, limit waste, and improve the bottom line.

VusionCloud: The Leading Digital Supermarket Price Tag Solution

The VusionCloud solution is designed to simplify and automate your in-store operations, helping you achieve optimal efficiency and reduced labor costs. The system’s ESLs can be adapted for any store section and feature high-resolution color e-paper displays with a super-wide viewing angle. With their battery life of 5 years (based on 2 updates per year), the tags make pricing automation a breeze.

VusionCloud is the result of VusionGroup’s 30-year expertise in ultra-low power wireless IoT device management. The VusionCloud OS relies on unmatched technology. Constantly upgraded and updated to bring you the highest level of performance, security, and future-proofing, it forms a reliable backbone for digitized stores.

Physical retail is at a turning point where customers expect an experience that preserves the appeal of in-person shopping while drawing from the convenience and transparency of digital approaches. Digital grocery store price tags bridge the gap between two worlds, creating scenarios where shoppers enjoy high-quality information about the products and feel more connected to the store itself. All that without having to forego Search, Reviews, and other perks the Internet age has gotten them used to.

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