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Blog | November 9, 2023 | 8 min read

Fruit and Vegetable Electronic Tags

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Fruit and Vegetable Electronic Tags

Fruit and Vegetable Electronic Tags for Supermarkets

At VusionGroup, we strive to create powerful solutions to simplify and automate in-store operations. In the fruit and veg aisle, the perishable nature of the products on display means your labeling strategy needs to be even more agile. Fruit and vegetable electronic tags can be a powerful part of product management, marketing, pricing automation, and waste reduction strategies.

What Are Fruit and Vegetable Electronic Tags?

Produce sections in supermarkets are required to display mandatory regulatory information. From the product description to the item’s price per unit of measurement, the variety, the country of origin, and more, clear labeling is the only way to ensure shoppers understand exactly what is on display.

Fruit and vegetable electronic tags are a much more advanced version of the printed produce price tags grocery retailers have come to rely on. Instead of having to physically swap labels out anytime the information needs to be updated, you can use a fruit and vegetable digital price display to edit the description on the fly or set up automatic updates using the VusionCloud solution.

How do Digital Produce Price Tags Work?

ESL price tags –  or Electronic Shelf Labels – can update thousands of displays automatically across numerous channels.

The solution requires the installation of a network of digital produce price tags connected to a remote server (or the VusionCloud Retail IoT Platform). Instead of deploying staff to replace paper labels constantly, price automation provides real-time pricing agility. It does away with the manual process, manages label changes remotely, and even automates updates.

With just a few clicks, fruit and vegetable electronic tags display up-to-date pricing information, inform shoppers about promotions, indicate whether an item is reduced as its expiry date approaches, and more.

What Are the Benefits of Using Digital Tags in the Produce Industry?

ESL technology provides new ways of optimizing the logistics of your produce aisles. With improved access to traceability, quality, freshness, and pricing data, a digital display system offers concrete benefits that all contribute to higher customer satisfaction.

A Comprehensive Solution for Your Fruit and Vegetable Aisles

The SESimagotag solution features premium, versatile digital price displays for supermarkets, along with a cloud-based software designed to boost in-store efficiency. Through the VusionCloud IoT Platform, retailers can manage instantaneous price updates and promotion launches while monitoring their shelves remotely. Content-rich fruit and vegetable electronic tags also deliver an enhanced in-store shopping experience, bolstered further by customer activations and fast check-outs.

Real-Time Cloud Management Through the VUSIONCloud IoT Platform

Food retail is a fast-paced environment. Last-minute changes, fast-moving merchandising plans, promotions requiring instant updates… The VusionCloud IoT Platform allows you to monitor and centralize all store activities with the greatest degree of precision for minimal effort and reduced management costs.

Features Designed for Your Fruit and Vegetable Price Displays

SESimagotag fruit and vegetable electronic tags are designed with the retailers’ requirements in mind. SESimagotag came up with specific features to enhance the versatility of VUSION labels and make sure they adapt to any situation, reliably displaying prices and key information. Whether you need to move them, rotate them, or remove them altogether, these digital tags can be fitted to any shelf and tilted to achieve the perfect angle.

Pricing Automation/Intelligence

Using the VusionCloud solution to manage fruit and vegetable electronic tags allows retailers to fully leverage this fixture by automating low-value-added tasks, enabling dynamic pricing actions, and eliminating pricing errors up to -100%. In turn, this will improve price image, minimize customer complaints and government fines, and boost sales and margins through seamless omnichannel synchronization.

Product Geolocation and Real-Time Planogram Management

The VusionGroup Shelf solution makes it possible to geolocate products within the store, helping retailers achieve better in-store picking productivity (+30%) and fewer missing products (-50%). The OptiPick feature helps store assistants prepare orders 20% to 30% faster than without digital price displays (optimized picking and replenishment).

In-Store Digital Services

Digital price tags provide solid foundations for modern experiential shopping and future services based on local needs, technological trends, and operations requirements. From the produce section all the way to pharmacy shelf labels, NFC and QR technologies integrated with ESLs elevate the customer experience through customized advice delivered via the shoppers’ smartphones.

Digital Advertising and Promotions

Coupled with digital tags, the V:Motion functionality invites rich content displays into the shopping experience. This gives customers access to the same level of information as they would online while enjoying in-person shopping and benefiting from real-time in-store marketing campaigns.

Anti-Theft and Anti-Fall System

The Easylock Anti-Theft system allows retailers to enjoy fixed digital price tags to match their merchandising plans perfectly and guarantee optimal ROIs.

How to Choose the Right Fruit and Vegetable Electronic Tag Solution for Your Business?

VusionGroup is dedicated to providing ESL solutions that truly reflect the needs of the retail industry. Whether you wish to use digital data to improve farm-to-consumer traceability, display more supplier information on the shelves, provide clearer product descriptions for customers, or streamline in-store operations, fruit and vegetable electronic tag solutions can make all this possible. It’s all about asking the right questions and deciding how you want to approach your store’s digital transformation.


How to use fruit and vegetable electronic tags to help shoppers make informed buying decisions?

Fruit and vegetable electronic tags support advanced shopper connectivity features, including NCF and QR technology. Whether they look at the on-display information or use their smartphones to access even more, consumers benefit from an online-like experience, a far cry from what paper labels can offer.

How can businesses showcase the freshness and quality of their produce using digital shelf labels?

Digital produce shelves offer a convenient shelf-life management solution. Staff can enter the delivery date and, based on pre-logged shelf-life information, the electronic tags start a countdown, automatically informing shoppers as the expiry date approaches and applying corresponding discounts automatically.


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