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Blog | November 9, 2023 | 7 min read

Digital Pharmacy Shelf Labels

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digital pharmacy shelf labels

Pharmacy Shelf Labels and Price Tags Are Going Digital

The VusionCloud Retail IoT Platform redefines the rules of pharmacy shelf labels. By centralizing shelf labeling and product pricing, the solution allows retailers to offer a heightened experience for their customers while streamlining processes and lowering costs. Here’s how this new generation of pharmacy price tags can transform your store.

What Are Digital Shelf Labels and How Do They Work in Pharmacies?

Digital pharmacy shelf labels – or electronic pharmacy price tags – are a cutting-edge version of the traditional paper price tags you still find on the shelves of many stores. Unlike their paper counterparts – which need to be replaced manually anytime the information they contain requires an update – digital labels can be updated on the fly, remotely, and in real-time. Installing a network of electronic labels in your store also lets you refresh the information displayed automatically, thanks to a powerful software solution.

The VusionCloud Retail IoT Platform allows store owners to make the most out of their pharmacy shelf labels. Prices and promotions are updated instantly, store activities are monitored in real-time, and customers can access more detailed information than ever.

What Are the Benefits of Digital Pharmacy Shelf Labels

Customers who visit pharmacies expect a personalized approach and more available staff than in perhaps any other retail store. The nature of the products means they require more detailed explanations, and while accurate labeling is always necessary, it is even more crucial with pharmacy shelf labels.

Digital pharmacy price tags combine advantages that enhance the customer experience while streamlining store management.

Cloud Management for a Fully-Connected Store

Between the waste that changing paper labels weekly causes and the inefficiency of the method, digital pharmacy shelf labels are a breath of fresh air for retailers in the industry. Pharmacies are characterized by their fast-changing environment, where merchandising plans are continually evolving.

The VusionCloud Retail IoT Platform allows retailers to move quickly and with agility. With instant feedback from the aisles and the tools at your disposal to respond immediately and remotely, you can provide an enriched experience for your customers while lowering costs and minimizing effort.

Advanced Fixtures & Accessories

VusionGroup developed fixtures designed to elevate the pharmacy experience. SESimagotag ESL adapt to any situation, ensuring a premium price and information display and creating eye-catching shelves.

From LED lights indicating promotions to lively content shoppers can engage with and real-time stock information, electronic shelf labels transform the pharmacy environment into a connected haven.

Pricing Automation

Price automation revolutionizes pricing methods, freeing up the employees’ time to perform higher-value-added tasks. Dynamic pricing solutions eliminate pricing errors by up to -100%, thus boosting customer confidence and preventing government fines.

The VusionCloud system offers seamless omnichannel synchronization, ensuring pricing consistency throughout the store. The solution also manages promotions automatically, so customers never miss out on a good deal again.

Shopper Connectivity & Digital Advertising

Experiential shopping is still in its early stages, but customers are warming up to it rapidly. They love to enjoy the same benefits as they would online while being able to visit stores in person. With their smartphones in hand, they actively seek out additional information about the products they see. Digital price displays in supermarkets, drugstores, pharmacies, and other retail stores place new resources at the customers’ disposal, giving them access to reviews, detailed descriptions, Scan & Go, synchronized promotions, stock status, and more information without the hassle of searching.

NFC and QR technologies integrated with digital pharmacy price tags transform and customize the shopping experience.

How to Implement Electronic Pharmacy Price Tags Efficiently?

Digital pharmacy shelf labels offer an easy-to-use infrastructure that brings the retail IoT revolution into your store in just a few steps.

VusionGroup is your trusted partner. We’re here to help you determine your needs, install the hardware (the labels and Access Points are the only installation required), and get acquainted with the software so you can start running your store more efficiently in no time.

All updates are performed directly on the Cloud, giving you access to the newest features as soon as they are released.

The VusionCloud IoT platform gives you the confidence to implement new marketing approaches and turn your store into a digital asset, knowing your costs will remain under control.

What Are the Latest Trends in Pharmacy Shelf Label Technology?

Digital pharmacy price tags are supporting more and more features. Machine learning and generative AI technologies can leverage data collected from multiple channels – including the shelves – to help retailers optimize assortment, pricing, supply chain operations, inventory levels, and even marketing techniques.

Paired with ML and AI, automation frees up time for employees who no longer need to perform repetitive tasks. Furniture price tags, fruit and vegetable price tags, pharmacy price tags… When pricing and labeling are handled automatically, staff can focus on customer service and other high-value-added activities.

Digital shelf labels can also leverage mobile technologies, notably through NFT and QR capabilities, inviting shoppers to use their smartphones to access even more information and promotions.


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