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Blog | November 9, 2023 | 10 min read

Digital Price Tags for Clothing Retail

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digital price tags for clothing

Electronic Price Tags for Clothing: The Future of the Retail Industry

The fashion industry is fast-paced and largely influenced by trends. Digital price tags for clothing and apparel retailers optimize store processes while elevating the shopping experience through premium information and rich interactive content. Completely customizable and easy to update, these labels help store owners stay on top of customer expectations.

What Are Electronic Price Tags for Clothing and What Difference Do They Make?

Unlike their paper counterparts, digital price tags for clothing can remain on the shelves for years. Instead of replacing them anytime you need to update the information they contain, the VusionCloud IoT Platform lets you change it remotely with just a few clicks.

Digital price labels for clothing sport bright e-paper displays designed to catch the eye while delivering flawless readability. Thanks to their advanced features, such as interactive connectivity, data collection, and price automation, these specifically designed retail price tags revolutionize fashion retail.

What Are the Benefits of Implementing Digital Price Tags in the Clothing Industry?

SESimagotag developed a retail price tag customization solution designed specifically for the needs of the fashion industry: VUSION Sway. This system brings all the advantages of electronic labeling to fashion retail.

Quick and seamless price changes, easily implemented custom designs, geolocation, event-based pricing, advanced product information accessible via NFC or QR technology, always-available management data… Digital price tags for the clothing industry deliver unique capabilities.

Fully-Customizable Price Labels for Clothing

While traditional ESL solutions utilize store shelving, VUSION Sway digital price tags for clothing allow each garment to be labeled individually while taking full advantage of a graphic HD display.

These versatile labels have an eye-catching design and come in a diverse color selection to compliment both the products and your store’s aesthetic.

Invite customers to discover your digital universe!

A Solution Tailored to the Needs of Fashion Stores

Digital price tags for the clothing industry bridge the gap between online stores and physical retail. Thanks to integrated NFC, a single tap is all it takes to enable in-store product reservation and home delivery.

Optimized In-Store Processes

Electronic price labels for clothing stores reduce the time-consuming manual price-tagging process down to just seconds. Each tag is connected to a Cloud Platform that enables remote updates and even price automation.

In the store or the warehouse, the location detection functionality ensures your electronic price labels always display consistently accurate information, thanks to VUSION Sway. The system recognizes the location of each product and automatically switches to the correct information, live and in real time, without extensive counting and searching, giving your staff more time to perform higher-value-added tasks.

Pricing Automation & Omnichannel Synchronization

SESimagotag’s VUSION Sway brings the fashion industry into the Digital Age. Price labels used to require manual updates to reflect promotions or adjustments related to seasonal or weather changes. Price automation ensures that the digital price labels on clothing items always display accurate information without manual input.

The system supports omnichannel synchronization, which offers a powerful answer to one of the most challenging issues in the fashion industry: merging and synchronizing online and offline information to bring consumers a seamless omnichannel experience. While price adjustments – in bulk or individual – are easy to manage with online stores, in a physical store, every change would require relabeling… and a lot of time. Digital price tags for clothing items solve this problem once and for all.

A New Approach to Marketing and Promotions

Automation also gives you more control over your promotions and marketing campaigns. You can launch event-based promotions automatically triggered by pre-defined milestones or have them coincide with specific times of the year and have every aspect of your campaign ready to go months ahead. When the time comes, every label in the store will display the correct information instantly.

Experiential Shopping Through Shopper Connectivity and In-Store Digital Services

Clothing boutiques already count among the most experiential retail stores. While online shopping doesn’t allow customers to interact with the products, physical outlets are designed to let them touch – and even try on the items.

But why should shoppers forgo the convenience and additional information that modern technologies bring? Electronic price tags for clothing retail leverage eye-catching digital displays, NFC, and QR technology to create a hybrid experience that combines the benefits of both approaches. Real-time stock information, customer reviews, AR overlays… customers can access a host of additional digital services right from the tags.

Factors to Consider When Selecting Digital Price Labels for Clothing

The SESimagotag system is designed with specific industries in mind. From digital price displays for supermarkets  to furniture price tags, fruit and vegetable electronic tags, and digital cosmetic price tags, each sector has its solution. VUSION Sway has the needs of the fashion industry in mind, delivering targeted innovations to increase your sales.

What Emerging Technologies and Innovations are Shaping the Future of Electronic Price Tags in the Clothing Industry?

Fashion brands and retailers are embracing innovation by integrating technologically advanced services enabled by electronic price tags. These functionalities create a bridge between the physical and digital worlds by offering unique and engaging experiences.

Interactive In-Store Displays

Interactive in-store displays – in the form of panels or individual price tags for clothing and shoes – offer an incredible opportunity for elevated in-store experiences. From rich content to QR codes or NFC capabilities, digital price labels can give shoppers access to innovative services.

Interactive Storytelling

Fashion captivates and inspires. Not just through the garments themselves but through the stories they tell and how they are staged for the audience’s appreciation. From showcasing a product’s creation process to inviting customers on a virtual journey, brands can use interactive content to tell a story and engage shoppers on a deeper level. Digital price tags for clothing items act as a gateway to exclusive content people can only access by visiting the store.

Augmented Reality

By overlaying digital information onto the real world (typically through the screen of a smartphone), augmented reality creates unique shopping experiences that can all be accessed via a digital price label. Scanning a QR code or using NFC capabilities unlocks interactive in-store displays that act as smart mirrors, virtual product demonstrations, or virtual filters for AR-powered virtual try-ons!

Social Recommendations

Ratings and reviews have become crucial to customers who rely on the unbiased nature of the information to make better-informed purchasing decisions. In-store shopping removes this essential input, leaving shoppers with unanswered questions, such as “How long will this pair of shoes last?” or “Does the color fade away after just a few washes?”. Electronic price labels for clothing allow customers to access reviews without the hassle of searching for the exact item online first. Real-time ratings can even be displayed straight on the tags.

Buy In-Store, Ship to Your Home

What if the ideal shopping experience were neither online nor offline but somewhere in between? People love the convenience of having their purchases shipped straight to their homes, yet they enjoy seeing the clothes and trying them on before buying them. With digital price tags for clothing stores, this ideal becomes a reality. Customers can scan the item with their smartphone and receive it at home the same day or the next. This solution is also perfect for pop-up stores, where stock can be an issue.


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