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Retail Media Power Unleashed: The Catalyst for Brand Growth 

retail media

SES-imagotag and HowGood Partner to Deliver Sustainability Metrics at the Shelf-Edge for More than 2 Million Food & Beverage Products


Looking for the latest Press Release?

Picto Vusion 3x2

SES-imagotag reacts to Gotham City’s Press Release

gotham city
Customer success story

The Global Leading Furniture Retailer selects SES-imagotag

The Swedish furniture retail brand will deploy the VUSION IoT Cloud platform and Digital Shelf Labels in a first wave of 110 stores across 6 European countries. SES-imagotag, (Euronext: SESL, FR0010282822)


SES-imagotag unequivocally rejects second part of Gotham City’s inaccurate and deliberately misleading publication

SES-imagotag (“the Company”) today released its unequivocal rejection of the allegations made by Gotham City (“GC”) throughout their second publication, which was designed solely to enable the short-seller to profit


Digital Signage for Digital Campaigns

digital signage

SES-imagotag responds to the second part of inaccurate and deliberately misleading Gotham City publication

gotham city

Further Expansion in the U.S.

us expansion

Finding profit in the data – SES-imagotag launches its latest version of Pulse, a solution to optimize stores with AI-driven analytics

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