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Customer success story | May 21, 2024 | 5 min read

Empowering Retail Innovation: How Lee’s Discount Liquor is boosting efficiency and customer engagement with VusionGroup’s IoT solutions

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VusionGroup's IoT solutions at Lee's Discount liquor store

Lee’s Discount Liquor is a famous family business that owns a total of 23 stores across Nevada, United States. The company specializes in the distribution of alcohol beverages(1) since 1981, and its main purpose relies on providing its customers with the widest selection of spirits, wine, and beer at the best prices.

Discover the positive impact bring by VusionGroup’s IoT solutions on both associates and customer journeys, accross their store of Las Vegas.

How VusionGroup’s IoT solutions simplify associate’s daily work and improve customer engagement at Lee’s Discount liquor, Las Vegas?


The implementation of pricing automation and digital labelling solutions represent many advantages for stores. At Lee’s Discount Liquor, not only it helped to make price updates easier and faster but it also, allowed the store to ensure product information integrity with digital price tags at any time.


“Not only does it help the customer, but the employees themselves.”

Dave Fleeming Area Manager at Lee’s Discount Liquor

The power of IoT solutions for pricing automation: Improve stores associates daily experience

Electronic labels are a valuable time saver compared to manual price updates, considering all the tasks that need to be done with paper tags. Therefore, Electronic Shelf Labels are an effective way to increase store efficiency.

At Lee’s Discount Liquor, the implementation of SESimagotag Digital price tags reduced significantly the time spent by associates updating price and product information. What usually took its employees half a day has been reduced to a few minutes.


“When we worked on just regular printing tags, you would spend two and half, fours hours, up to four hours actually doing, just entering everything in. And then you would print them, and once you print them, you have a label backer that you have to stick that on. And then you walk out and you start putting them on the gondolas. ”

Dave Fleeming Area Manager at Lee’s Discount Liquor
Electronic Shelf labels SESimagotag

Beyond the price tag: How automatic pricing empowers your team 

The time saved by in-store employees allows them to focus on added-value tasks, and in other words, on what matters the most for the store: the overall customer shopping experience.


“We're given back time to our employees that they can utilize to actually get on the floor, talk to customers, actually do that customer service engagement properly rather than putting up tags. ”

Dave Fleeming Area Manager at Lee’s Discount Liquor

Know what you buy, love what you get: Guaranteed product information boosts satisfaction

On the other hand, the implementation of SESimagotag pricing automation solution also allowed Lee’s Discount liquor to ensure product information integrity at any time across the store, which positively impacted customer satisfaction.


VusionGroup's IoT solution

Bring shelves to life and captivate customers with Engage

The VusionGroup’s Retail Marketing solution, Engage, allowed the family business to catch customers’ attention and create interaction with them on the shelves where the rails are displayed.


“I think the best part of the Engage rails is they're eye catching. So anything with movement, you’re gonna get that. And liquor stores have always been famous for the POS portions. You know, we get great pieces, but a lot of time they're static, there is no movement and you lose the engagement. These pull eyes straight to it.”

Dave Fleeming Area Manager at Lee’s Discount Liquor

Indeed, Engage’s Digital signage is a differentiating way to highlight contents that attract customers. By bringing interaction and movements into the shelves, the in-store marketing solution helps the store to increase its revenues as well.


Retail Marketing solution

Key Results

  • Automate pricing and product information: updates at your fingertips.
  • Trustworthy information: what you see is what you get.
  • Emphasize efficiency: achieve 8x faster price changes or similar.
  • Empower your team: personalized attention for every shopper.
  • Unleash the power of Engage: dynamic endcaps that captivate.


(1) Drinking too much alcohol can harm your health.

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