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Blog | June 8, 2023 | 7 min read

Digital Labeling In Stores: 5 Key Benefits

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digital labeling

5 Benefits of Digital Labeling 

Paper labels have been a go-to across the retail industry for generations. Until recently, they were the only option available to provide information – particularly pricing – about items on display. And yet, this approach proved time-consuming, resource-heavy, and impractical in terms of updating and traceability. That’s why digital labeling is nothing short of a revolution, as they do away with the hassle of swapping out price tags again and again. Here’s what you need to know about the various benefits of digital labeling!

What Is Digital Labeling and How Does It Work?

Digital labeling solutions offer a technologically advanced alternative to paper labels in stores. Instead of having to physically print out the information they want their customers to have access to, store managers can rely on digital labels to provide an enhanced in-store experience.

SES-Imagotag’s VUSION platform digitizes and automates inventory management and price displays in the aisles, ensuring that the right message is always visible at the appropriate moment. Instead of having to edit, print out, and swap shelf labels out every time you need to modify a price or introduce a promotion, digital labels make the process hassle-free. Every label in the store is connected to the cloud platform, through which it receives real-time updates.

What Are the 5 Main Benefits of Digital Labeling?

The benefits of using digital labels to showcase product information apply to shop owners/managers as well as to customers. Here are the five main areas where implementing digital labeling will impact your business positively.

1. Real-Time Information and Remote Updates

Real-time in-store labeling provides dependable, up-to-date information. It enhances customer experience and satisfaction all while giving point-of-sale managers better control over how they display price tags.

Updates are done as needed and handled remotely for maximum convenience and price reliability. Thanks to a cloud platform, updated prices can be sent to the labels and to the cash registers at the same time. This significantly reduces the risk of error, thus minimizing customer compensation.

SES-imagotag harnesses the full potential of in-store foot traffic through integrated sensors, utilizing the power of IoT to bring shoppers unique experiences.

2. Seamless Standardization and Control Over Your Information

Automation is another benefit of digital labeling. From inventory and perishability management to price adjustments (based on specific price offers, or even on location), all the way to sales and price coordination between different branches, it allows for seamless standardization. Whether you’re deploying smart labels in a single store or across an entire network, the ability to centralize the information keeps employees in the know and brings a consistent experience to your customers.

3. A Convenient Way to Display Ads and Promotions

VUSION solution is a powerful tool for in-store marketing. It helps you implement promotions for your customers all while retaining full control over your margins and crucial insight into your performance. Use the data at your disposal to create promotions based on the shifts in your inventory. Smart labels make the information clear and easy to spot!

4. A Time-Saving, Paperless Solution for Increased ROIs

Automating your pricing policies by leveraging the benefits of digital labeling is a great way to minimize the risk of pricing errors and enjoy optimal pricing flexibility. Quicker and more straightforward labeling promotes shorter management times, which in turn boosts efficiency and profitability. It’s also a step towards reducing environmental waste by cutting down on your label printing requirements!

5. Traceability Made Easy

Knowing that you can adjust your price tags at any time makes it far less cumbersome to fine-tune your pricing strategy, or even to run some tests should you wish to do so. And because you can track your promotions’ performance at any time, you have powerful data at your disposal to give you insight into the effectiveness of your digital smart label strategy. Automated traceability translates into more informative smart labels. Origin, perishability, special offers, use, warnings… Customers are guided toward an informed choice.



What Are the Benefits of Labeling?

What is labeling (new subject), exactly? It’s a solution that lets brick-and-mortar points of sale display the price of each product in their aisles. One of the main benefits of digital labeling is that it allows pricing to be done remotely and in real-time, through smart labels connected to a platform.

What Are the Benefits of Custom Label Printing?

Printing custom labels can be convenient for smaller shops that sell single items, crafts, or other types of products for which they need to create customized packaging. For larger stores, however, digital labeling helps ensure compliance.

What’s a Digital Label?

A digital label – or smart label – is a small electronic display that shows pricing information. Unlike its paper counterpart, it can be updated remotely and in real-time.

How Do Digital Labels Work?

Digital labels are connected to a platform through which they can be updated at any time and display any information useful to the shoppers.


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