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Customer success story | March 11, 2024 | 5 min read

Transforming the grocery business with AI, IoT, Cloud & Data: how we empower associates and improve customer experience at Westside Market NYC?

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Westside Market is a retailer with 8 stores across New York City. The family-run business is centered around its commitment to bring the best products to their valued customers. This means attentive managers, great selection, guaranteed freshness and premium quality extending from their shelves to their catering services. 

Automate pricing and operations with VusionGroup’s in-store IoT 

Before, Westside Market NYC used paper tags and selected VusionGroup to automate their price adjustments: 


“One problem we used to have was in which we would have one price listed on the product in a sign, but then when they went up to the register, the price might be different. We no longer have that problem at all because the signs update automatically with our database. ”

Jason Kang Project Manager, Westside Market NYC

Moreover, they wanted to improve the in-store associates’ experience and to avoid repetitive tasks. Therefore, the associates would be able to focus on providing the best customer experience and fulfilling the customer’s needs. 


“I get positive feedback from customers because it is easily seen, and the prices are there, and they like it”

Michael Bonanza Store Manager, Westside Market NYC

A portfolio of innovative solutions to solve the major challenges of physical commerce   

The SESimagotag IoT devices designed by VusionGroup enable Westside Market NYC to transform their stores into digital assets with digital price tags facilitating price adjustments at shop and chain level through the VusionCloud IoT platform. Such tags bring digital agility to the business by offering detailed product information and activation campaigns, thus enhancing the customer shopping experience.  

Moreover, Captana gives the retailer visibility into every shelf and product in-store via Computer Vision and AI. It delivers real-time shelf monitoring data and analysis, helps run stores more efficiently, increasing top-line revenue and gross profit margin. Furthermore, Captana ensures that fresh produce remains fresh on the shelves, using AI on fresh sections, enhancing customer satisfaction and sales. 


“The cameras are watching the products and help the Westside team to find out of stocks directly on the shelf, highlight them, focus on the exceptions and align the merchandizing planogram with the execution in the store. We also increase the on-shelf availability so less out of stocks, a much better experience when you come into the shop and also, the freshness of the product. So, making sure that when you get in the store, you actually find what you want”

Pierre-Marie Rallu VP Captana North America at VusionGroup

In addition, Engage, part of the retail marketing solutions developed by VusionGroup, enables Westside Market to deliver impactful messages at the shelf with digital campaigns placed in the bakery, cheese and fruits section.  


“The Engage rails we got in recently were very nice, very cool. They can display QR codes, we can display gifs and show animations, which is great. So, customers are loving it and it helps them find products on a lot easier.”

Jason Kang Project Manager, Westside Market NYC

VusionGroup’s solutions harness the full potential of IoT, Cloud, Data and artificial intelligence (AI) technologies, at the service of the modernization of Westside Market: 


“I would recommend this to all retailers because of how much of a benefit it is to customers and how much time it's saved us, and how much time it saved our employees.”

Jason Kang Project Manager, Westside Market NYC

Key Results 

  • Eliminated pricing errors; 
  • Reduced time spent on paper tag updates; 
  • Optimized time for associates to better serve customers; 
  • Improved in-store customer experience; 
  • Increased on-shelf availability. 
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