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Blog | January 31, 2023 | 4 min read

Electronic Shelf Labels Can Boost Shopper Engagement

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electronic shelf labels

Physical stores are a rich source of contacts and customer interactions. Each of these opportunities must be fully exploited in store and help retailers implement proactive, omnichannel management of the customer relationship.

More than 80% of retail sales worldwide still occur in physical stores. Therefore, although store traffic is declining gradually, it is still a formidable asset for retailers when it comes to connecting and better understanding consumers. However, this asset is vastly underutilized right now: consumers entering stores are rarely identified (unless they make a purchase and present their loyalty card). Furthermore, no information is captured about: what they are looking for in the store, what category or product they stopped by but didn’t purchase, and so on.

This information is critical. All retailers must transform their physical stores into connected interactive environments to better know, inform, and serve their customers.

Turn your electronic shelf labels into micro webpages

Shoppers now go to stores, visit the corresponding website, or use the mobile app even for the same purchase. To ensure graphical and pricing consistency, electronic shelf labels must support your presentation DNA next to each product.

Electronic shelf labels s can also include web stalwarts like reviews and ratings, as well as keep the pace of increasingly frequent price changes. Some products will fare better with actual reviews excerpts displayed on the labels, while others require availability indicators, legal mentions etc. The sum of these requests will drive label size. SES-imagotag VUSION offers the largest range of label sizes to support these objectives.

Leverage large-format and premium labels for promotional ends

The best places in stores are endcaps or promotional ends. Dedicating larger electronic price tags to these prominent spots has two benefits. First, it helps promote the products presented there, reducing, or even eliminating the need to add time consuming shelf talkers.

Engage, part of Vusion’s in-store marketing solutions, can also be used for that purpose: it will project an image of dynamism and quality benefiting the complete store, using the rails.

Second, the use of dedicated labels for end caps enables digitized tracking of the in-store promotional activity. Endcaps can be sold for a fee charged to the brands, and the remote tracking will provide the necessary proof that the plan was properly implemented.

Through being able to optimize electronic shelf labels to maximize information given to customers and leverage promotional ends or endcaps through large-format and premium labels, retailers can transform their physical stores into interactive environments to better serve their customers.

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