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Blog | December 5, 2022 | 4 min read

Digital Price Tags: Improving Pricing Accuracy & Integrity

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digital price tags

Improve customer satisfaction through better pricing strategies and execution

Changing paper price tags manually is probably one of the most repetitive and error-process tasks store associates can do in stores. It takes time and drives them away from higher-value-added activities such as customer service, replenishment, online sales preparation… More important tasks are therefore neglected, and price errors proliferate with numerous negative consequences on customer satisfaction, complaints, and government fines.

As jobs must become more meaningful and focused on value, customer satisfaction, and positive impact rather than purely operational topics, it is key for retailers to address this topic for their teams.

Additionally, in the post-Covid retail world and with the continued growth of e-Commerce sales, prices keep changing faster, making it hard to keep up with paper price tags in physical stores. With manual processes and paper price tags, employees are increasingly engrossed in managing label changes. Furthermore, inflation can also lead to more and more price changes on a monthly or even weekly basis.

Automating prices to improve overall customer satisfaction

Digital solutions such as electronic shelf labels, also known as digital price tags, or shelf-edge smart displays can fully automate pricing processes as these technologies are seamlessly integrated with ERPs and POS systems through Cloud platforms.

In this area, SES-imagotag has unrivaled expertise and experience thanks to more than 30 years of working hand-in-hand with retailers to improve their operations and enhance the in-store shopping experience. Thanks to the VUSION platform, stores can reduce by up to -100% all pricing errors, effectively eliminating potential complaints, frustration, and time spent by associates on such anomalies. Government fines will also be avoided, which is another immediate benefit to retail chains as these can become very problematic for their image.

Moreover, staff can focus themselves on purposeful actions and higher value-added tasks as they spend on average 80% less time on paper tag updates. Automating prices and promotions not only gives more time to associates but also improves the overall price image and customer confidence in the retailer itself.

Free your associates and boost your store’s experience

Once free from this time-consuming manual update work, employees will be cheerier and more helpful with customers. They will refocus themselves toward cleaner and tidier stores with neat, well-stocked shelves, fresher fruit, and vegetables, better service, etc.

To achieve this, retailers must begin their tech transformation and digitize their shelves. By replacing paper labels with digital price tags, stores worldwide can fully empower their associates toward better missions and purposes.

To learn more about digital price tags and pricing automation solutions, please visit our website.

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