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Announcements | January 12, 2024 | 5 min read

VusionGroup reinvents the Shelf-Edge with EdgeSense™

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VusionGroup introduces today EdgeSense™, a highly innovative digital shelf system to reinvent the shelf-edge. This unique innovation is the result of more than ten years of research and development in smart rails & labels by the Group’s tech labs and brings a completely renewed IoT experience for physical commerce.

A harmonious blend of hardware and software, EdgeSense™ combines smart rails, battery-less digital displays with enhanced performance, new location-based services built on VusionOX and VusionCloud, while generating a substantial carbon footprint reduction compared to any existing ESL solution.


“2024 marks the year of the beginning of our new brand, VusionGroup, but also the debut of a true Retail IoT Revolution with the launch of EdgeSense TM. Today, we introduce the very first digital shelf system for physical commerce thanks to a decade of deep innovation and research in smart rails and labels. EdgeSenseTM reinvents the shelf-edge through its cutting-edge capabilities in a unique, sustainable way. With this new solution, we are proud to be once again at the forefront of retail tech innovation and to provide our customers with technologies for a positive commerce.”

Andreas Rössl Group CTO of VusionGroup

The Shelf-Edge Revolution

EdgeSense™ delivers retail solutions and use cases previously deemed futuristic. From optimizing inventory management, accelerating in-store fulfilment capabilities, to streamlining in-store processes and integrating third-party devices, it empowers associates to work smarter.

Running the recently-launched VusionOX protocol and VusionCloud, EdgeSense™ integrates centralized communications, precise geolocation and device-to-device interactions to enable a wide range of location-based services at scale:

  • Ultra-precise, real-time 3D geolocation and tracking for products.
  • Personalized in-store navigation for associates and shoppers.
  • Guided in-store fulfillment and replenishment.
  • Personalized and contextual shopper interactions through geofencing.
  • IoT management and data consolidation within a unified retail platform.

A Sensing Backbone Powered by the VusionCloud platform

Transforming physical stores into sensing hotspots, EdgeSense™ ushers in a new way of digitalizing retail. With unmatched in-store geolocation capabilities, built-in proximity sensing, and a foundation grounded in interoperability, it’s a blend of tech-forward features and sustainability, reinventing the way retailers, associates and consumers interact within stores.

Generating Data from the Aisles

With EdgeSense™, stores transform into living, breathing self-learning data hubs. Data flows in real-time from the shop floor, offering a holistic view of product interactions, customer behavior, and inventory shifts, bridging the digital-physical divide and driving informed decision-making.

Sustainability and Energy Efficient at its Core

EdgeSense™ drastically reduces the IoT carbon footprint for retailers. With one source powering up entire rails, EdgeSense™  reduces retailer’s carbon footprint by half for stores and store chains , when compared to established ESL solutions. Also available with innovations such as light-harvesting solar cells, EdgeSense™ offers the industry’s most extended battery lifetime embedded into an electronic shelf system, bringing power through the rails for additional sensing capabilities and supporting retailers in their ESG efforts.

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