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News | June 11, 2024 | 3 min read

VusionGroup Expands Collaboration with Microsoft to Transform Physical Commerce with IoT, Data & AI Technologies

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VusionGroup announces the expansion of its collaboration with Microsoft aimed at transforming the landscape of physical commerce. By combining VusionGroup’s technologies EdgeSense, VusionCloud, and VusionOX with Microsoft Azure AI services, this collaboration improves the in-store experience for both Frontline Workers and Shoppers. 

VusionGroup’s new solutions combined with Azure AI will enable seamless interactions with associates and shoppers, effectivelyimproving experiences for both stakeholders, while providingfurther capabilities in predictive analytics, agile pricing,inventory management, supply chain optimization and wastereduction. 

Roy Horgan, SEVP Strategy, Marketing & Communications at VusionGroup, shared his enthusiasm about the initiative: “At VusionGroup, we are dedicated to fostering a physical commerce ecosystem that not only thrives but also contributes positively to society.  With the launch of EdgeSense, now operating at scale on Azure, we are enabling the connected store with the seamless integration of IoT devices such as smart tags, cameras, and sensors. Enhanced by Azure AI, EdgeSense provides real-time data insights into inventory, pricing, and customer behavior, helping retailers to futureproof their shelves, datafy their stores and enhance experiences for their associates, suppliers, and consumers.” 

Keith Mercier, General Manager Retail and Consumer Goods at Microsoft, echoed this statement: “The integration between VusionGroup’s EdgeSense technology and Microsoft Azure AI will improve the shopping experience. We are bridging the gap between the digital and the physical worlds, ensuring that the essence of shopping remains intact while infusing it with the efficiency and personalization that modern technology offers.” 

A Unified Vision for Positive Commerce 

VusionGroup shares a commitment with Microsoft to foster sustainable retail environments, leverage digitalization as the key enabler to build resilient retail businesses that thrive on automation and data-driven insights. Together, they aim to transform physical stores into dynamic digital ecosystems that seamlessly connect with suppliers and customers. This integration goes beyond mere technological advancement; it’s a common effort to enable substantial, positive change within the retail industry, enhancing its sustainability and creating lasting, positive impacts. 

VusionGroup will unveil some of its latest contributions to the tech and retail world at the NRF Asia show in Singapore starting June 11, 2024. 

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