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Blog | November 30, 2023 | 7 min read

The Importance of Labeling in Retail

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The Role of Labeling in Retail: A Comprehensive Guide

Labels play a crucial role in the retail industry, providing important information to customers and helping to streamline operations. In this blog article, we’ll explore the different types of labels and their benefits, as well as how SES Imagotag’s innovative VUSION technology can help retailers optimize their labeling processes.

But first, let’s take a closer look at what labeling in retail is all about.

What is Labeling in Retail?

Labeling is the process of affixing tags, labels, or stickers to products, packaging, or shelving in the retail sector to provide customers with crucial information. Product descriptions, costs, measurements, materials, instructions for use, and other details may be included in this information. It is a crucial procedure for many reasons, including giving customers the knowledge they need to make knowledgeable purchases, assisting retailers in maintaining inventory control and streamlining the supply chain and store operations.

The most common forms of labeling in retail are:

  •       Paper labels: These labels are made of paper and can include product descriptions, prices, sizes, materials, care instructions, and more. Typically, paper tags are printed on a label printer and taped to the item or packaging.
  •       Plastic labels: Plastic labels tend to be more expensive than their paper counterparts, but they are typically more durable than paper labels. Plastic labels can include product descriptions, prices, sizes, materials, and other information. They are often printed on a label printer and then affixed to the packaging with tape, or they can be directly printed on a plastic label stock that is then affixed to the package.
  •       Electronic labels: These labels are often used in combination with barcodes and RFID. Electronic labels are printed on a label printer and can include product descriptions, price tags, sizes, materials (such as PVC or PET), and more. They are then affixed to the product with tape or an electronic label printer. SES Imagotag’s VUSION technology utilizes advanced electronic labels to provide real-time data and insights to retailers, helping to optimize inventory management, improve customer experience, and streamline operations.

Types of Labels in Retail

There are a variety of different types of labels used in the retail industry, each serving a specific purpose. Some of the most common types include:

·        Product labels: These tags are attached to the actual products and provide important information about the product itself, such as its name, brand, ingredients, and usage instructions.

·        Price labels: Price labels are used to display the price of a product, as well as any discounts or promotions that may be available.

·        Shelf labels: Shelf labels are used to identify the products on a shelf and provide information about their location, category, and price.

·        Packaging labels: Packaging labels are used to provide information about the contents of a package, including the product name, ingredients, and other relevant details.

Benefits of Labeling in Retail

Labels serve a number of important functions in the retail industry, including:

·        Providing customers with important information: Labels help customers make informed purchasing decisions by providing them with information about the product, including its price, ingredients, and usage instructions.

·        Streamlining operations: Labels help retailers keep track of inventory and streamline supply chain and store operations by providing important information about products and their location.

·        Improving customer satisfaction: By providing customers with the information they need to make informed purchasing decisions, labels can help improve customer satisfaction and drive repeat business.

How SES Imagotag’s VUSION Technology Can Optimize Labeling Processes

SES Imagotag is a leading provider of labeling solutions for the retail industry. Our innovative technology combines NFC tags with intelligent software to provide retailers with real-time data about their products, shelves, and stores. This allows retailers to optimize inventory management, increase product availability, and improve customer experience.

One of our key products is VUSION, a comprehensive in-store IoT technology that allows retailers to automate real-time shelf monitoring and track the movement of products on the shelf in real time. This can help retailers identify which products are in high demand and need to be restocked more frequently, as well as which products may be experiencing slower sales and may need to be moved to a different location or discounted in order to increase demand.

In addition to VUSION, SES Imagotag also offers a range of other labeling solutions, including smart labels, cameras, and NFC tags, to help retailers streamline their operations and improve product availability. Our team of experts can work with retailers to identify their specific needs and develop a customized labeling solution to meet their unique business goals.

Labels play a crucial role in the retail industry, providing important information about products and helping retailers streamline their operations. By working with SES Imagotag, retailers can access the latest labeling technology and expertise to help them maximize product availability and drive sales.

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