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Announcements | March 9, 2022 | 4 min read

SES-imagotag unveils game-changing VUSION Operating System and IoT sustainability program

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SES-imagotag, the global leader in electronic shelf labels and digital solutions for physical commerce, today unveils VUSION OS (V:OS), a leading-edge Retail IoT operating system.

V:OS is a Cloud-native device and sensor management solution helping retailers digitize their locations so that they can become more automated, connected allowing them to leverage insights and data in real-time.


V:OS ensures in-store connected devices are always up to date so that retailers have access to the latest features available through the VUSION Retail IoT Cloud platform, while also ensuring high security via patented dynamic end-to-end encryption (Cloud to ESL).

The operating system also provides seamless integration with leading Wi-Fi solutions, and effectively reduces complexity for retailers so they can connect V:OS-ready devices to their existing wireless infrastructure.

Available to all current VUSION Cloud customers, VUSION OS delivers stores with high performance, permanent asset monitoring as well as fast and reliable over-the-air updates bringing stores with groundbreaking features: active security management, high-speed updates, full-cloud device monitoring, extended battery life and much more.

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With more than 200 million devices compatible with VUSION OS by the end of the year, this represents the largest IoT operating system available in the retail industry.

Retailers using V:OS will now also have access to VUSIONe, the new IoT sustainability program developed by SES-imagotag. This program maximizes the lifecycle of in-store connected devices through improved battery lifetime, optimized display management, over-the-air updates and enhanced security; therefore providing better, safer technology to retailers, while minimizing environmental impact. V:OS & VUSIONe makes hardware last longer.

VUSIONe labels benefit from an eco-friendly design allowing batteries to be replaced, parts to be reused, as well as easier refurbishment, which enhances further SES-imagotags already extensive recycling program, therefore resulting in an overall reduction of material waste. Furthermore, VUSIONe empowers retailers to leverage sustainable innovation in their stores, resulting in improved store management and enhanced shopping experiences.

This program has been recognized earlier in the year as SES-imagotag received a Gold Sustainability Rating from EcoVadis, one of the world’s most trusted business sustainability rating agency, further confirming SES-imagotag’s strong leadership and advance in building a future-proof, sustainable retail.

Vusion OS ESL

Andreas Rössl, Group CTO at SES-imagotag, commented: “We are extremely proud to launch VUSION OS, a game-changing innovation that will enable physical retail to take its digitization to the next level. Delivering groundbreaking technology to our customers is key for us; this drives us to design our solutions with a customer-first approach that brings retailers agility, performance and simplicity in their daily operations. Through this technology, merchants will be able to leverage sustainable innovation to create a better, future-proof retailing model for the future.”

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