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Customer success story | April 7, 2021 | 3 min read

SES-imagotag to expand electronic shelf labelling technology in Walmart Canada stores

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Walmart Canada Shelves

SES-imagotag, the global leader in Electronic Shelf Labels (ESLs) and digital solutions for physical retail, today announced that it would expand its electronic shelf labelling technology with Walmart Canada, deploying the VUSION Retail IoT Cloud platform in hundreds of Walmart Canada stores across the country.

During this initial contract, the technology developed by SES-imagotag will be installed in 328 locations. This solution will enable Walmart Canada to boost in-store efficiency as well as provide accurate pricing at the shelf edge. At the same time, the VUSION Cloud platform will enable central monitoring of all the SES-imagotag assets deployed throughout the stores. Walmart Canada’s customers will also benefit from always synchronized prices and promotions, a reduction in pricing errors, and an overall enhanced shopping experience.

Sam Wankowski, Chief Operating Officer of Walmart Canada, commented: “At Walmart Canada we’re on a mission to innovate and provide the best possible shopping experience. We’ve accelerated and prioritized digitizing the environment in a way that removes friction for our customers and associates. Part of this effort is rolling out electronic shelf labels to more Walmart Canada stores across the country.”

With today’s new retail standards, retailers must be agile in terms of safety, pricing and choice. SES-imagotag gives Walmart Canada that capability through its VUSION platform, as the retailer will be able to provide more precise pricing and promotional campaigns in real-time at chain level.

Philippe Bottine, CEO North America of SES-imagotag concluded: “We are delighted to be working with Walmart Canada. They are by far a champion in the industry and a leading example for other big-box retailers in need of in-store innovations. This is an exciting opportunity for us to deliver our VUSION Retail IoT Cloud platform that will allow them to remain agile and competitive in a very competitive and dynamic market.”

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