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Announcements | May 10, 2023 | 5 min read

SES-imagotag, longtime partner of the TCG Summit | Join us at the TCG Summit 2023

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TCG Session Speakers

International TCG


Join us at TCG Summit «TCG Retail – Navigating Towards 2030» and explore how we help 8 out of the top 10 European electronics retailers turn their physical stores into digital assets by improving operational efficiency, enhancing the in-store shopping experience and connecting retailer and brands to deliver digital campaigns.  

The International TCG Retail Summit will take place from May 23-25 in Vienna. It is the largest retail conference for the electrical retail sector where top leaders from TCG retail and industry meet outside the usual exhibition dates.  

Learn about our benefits: 

IoT devices connect physical and digital, helping retailers be more agile, responsive, and accurate for all pricing operations and beyond – for a single store or an entire store chain. Eliminating the need to manually change paper labels, in-store IoT devices free up time for associate to focus on higher-value-added tasks such as replenishment or customer service. 

Automate and Execute Price Changes, in seconds  

Digital price tags enhance responsiveness, precision and quality in pricing execution at the store or retail chain level. Responding to real-time automation from a single management platform, ESLs effectively take the pain out of changing manually paper labels freeing associates’ time so they focus on higher-value-added tasks such as customer service.  

  • ESL eliminate pricing errors (-100%)  
  • Reduce time spent on tag updates (-80%)  
  • Avoid customer complaints and government fines  
  • Improve price image and customer confidence 

Make Your Store Run Faster  

Connected to a central management system, all labels can display ERP, inventory or any other operational data for in-store associates to access real-time information about stocking and inventory, at anytime, helping operations run faster and smoother on the shop floor. 

Simplify Inventory Management  

ESL simplifies inventory management by providing real-time updates on pricing, availability, and other important information. This enables retailers to automate price changes, track inventory levels, and avoid errors, leading to improved accuracy, cost savings, and better control over stock levels. 

Accelerate Click & Collect & BOPIS Activities  

Stores are the ultimate local service. ESLs make click & collect productive and profitable by accelerating basket and order preparation for store associates with geolocation and Pick-to light capabilities embedded within the digital tags.   

  •  Picking productivity: up to +50%  
  • Reduced missing products: -50% 
  • Product location: 99% accuracy  
  • Average transaction: +5% 

Engage with Shoppers In the Aisles  

ESLs offer unlimited opportunities to engage with customers at the shelf. Whether it being for discovering product information, displaying promotional or marketing messages or accessing digital coupons, ESLs enable shopper activation when the products are within reach – with a NFC tap or the flash of a QR code. 

Localize And Regionalize, Where Needed  

Digital labels help retailers localize and regionalize their stores by easily updating pricing and product information based on local factors like VAT rates and language differences enables stores to cater to the needs of diverse customer groups.  

Quit Wasting Paper And Money  

Electronic labels help save costs on printing and reduce paper waste by eliminating traditional paper price tags and signs. With ESLs, information can be easily updated and displayed electronically, reducing the need for paper replacements improving sustainability practices and reduces environmental impact while saving money. 

+ Many More Benefits: 

  • Uplift Sales & Expand Your Reach with in-store digital campaigns.  
  • Trigger Purchase with dynamic call to actions. 
  • Leverage Retail Media to generate tangible impact. 

Be inspired by a high-quality presentation at the TCG Retail Summit 

TCG Session Speakers

Retailers and suppliers are operating in the most complex environment for decades. In this session, the speakers will focus on the range of issues retailers must respond to in the short term to deliver cost savings, sales, and profit growth, and look at the key priorities over the longer term to ensure they remain relevant and fit for the future. 

We’re here to help make your store smarter and more efficient.
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