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Announcements | December 18, 2023 | 5 min read

SES-imagotag launches VusionOX, a Cloud-to-Edge protocol to accelerate the digitalization of physical commerce

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As more than 80 million devices are now connected to the VusionCloud platform, SES-imagotag introduces its Bluetooth-LE based Retail IoT protocol to further intensify the digitalization of physical commerce.

SES-imagotag takes retail digitalization a step further by introducing VusionOX, a groundbreaking Bluetooth-LE-based (BLE) protocol that seamlessly connects retail IoT devices with products and people, transforming physical stores into highly networked hubs of data-driven insights and personalized interactions.

“As the digitalization of physical retail is accelerating, we are seeing an increasing demand for In-Store IoT, whether it being for electronic shelf labels, sensors, cameras, or else. As such, we at SES-imagotag have a responsibility to support retailers in that transformation. Today, we are incredibly proud to launch VusionOX, an innovative Bluetooth-LE-based Cloud-to-Edge protocol which enables seamless connectivity and consolidation of IoT devices within VusionCloud, ensuring scalability, end-to-end security and over-the-air features deployment, empowering retailers to maximize their investment and unlock enhanced capabilities. VusionOX initiates a pivotal moment in the evolution of retail digitalization, as stores will now have the opportunity to become highly networked hubs of data-driven insights and personalized interactions”, comments Tarik Filali Ansary, EVP VusionCloud at SES-imagotag.

Cutting-edge connectivity serving physical retail

VusionOX creates a unified retail environment by connecting retail IoT devices (digital shelf labels, smart rails, sensors…) with products and people. This innovative protocol enables highly secured connectivity, seamless interoperability, and unlocks sensing capabilities in stores, at scale, through VusionCloud.

Working together, VusionOX and VusionCloud harness the full potential of IoT technologies, put at the service of commerce through a wide range of location-based services enabling:

  • Ultra-precise, real-time 3D geolocation and tracking for products.
  • Personalized in-store navigation for associates and shoppers.
  • Guided in-store fulfillment and replenishment.
  • Personalized and contextual shopper interactions through geofencing.
  • IoT management and data consolidation within a unified retail platform.

IoT Innovation for a sustainable retail

In addition to improved connectivity, VusionOX also creates new opportunities to futureproof
in-store IoT through continuous over-the-air features deployment, release after release. Featuring battery optimization capability, it will also enable Bluetooth-LE devices deployed within retail chains to last longer and operate at the same level of performance throughout their usage.

By maximizing the lifespan of IoT devices and optimizing their energy consumption, VusionOX empowers retailers to reduce their environmental impact and operate more responsibly, aligning with the growing demand for eco-conscious practices.

Security and interoperability proven at scale

In the highly sensitive and data-rich retail environments, where sensitive information like prices and promotions is exchanged and billions of interactions occur daily, VusionOX emerges as a robust and secure cloud-to-edge backbone, engineered to bring secure and enterprise-level Bluetooth-LE interoperability to the retail ecosystem.

Built on the core Bluetooth-LE standard developed by SES-imagotag, Qualcomm Technologies and the Bluetooth SIG, VusionOX ensures that retailers will benefit from the best communications protocol available in the industry to massively digitalize their physical stores through capabilities unique to its technology:

  • Enterprise-level scalability – proven beyond 120,000 IoT per store
  • Plug-n-Play connectivity to existing infrastructure, and VusionCloud
  • Smart coexistence with existing networks running on Bluetooth-LE and/or Wi-Fi
  • 24/7 secure transmissions for safe price & data exchanges
  • Bi-directional communications (Cloud-to-Edge and Edge-to-Cloud)

VusionOX, VusionCloud and its newly enabled use cases will be presented live at NRF’s Retail Big Show in January 2024 in New York City on SES-imagotag’s booths.

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