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Announcements | January 12, 2023 | 6 min read

SES-imagotag announces VUSION Engage, a solution to leverage the full potential of in-store foot traffic

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SES-imagotag (Euronext: SESL, FR0010282822) today announced its latest solution, VUSION Engage, a new marketing platform that connects retailers and brands to deliver digital campaigns in physical stores. The solution will be introduced at the National Retail Federation’s Big Show (NRF 2023 – New York City – January 15 – 17).

VUSION Engage is an in-store marketing solution leveraging digital displays and sensors located at the shelf to deliver dynamic messages and call to actions when shoppers are considering buying products. Through automation and real-time monitoring of shopper engagement, retailers and brands can adjust their in-store campaigns to increase sales performance and achieve higher returns on ad spend. Additionally, retailers and brands are also able to save time and ensure campaigns are fully executed.

With shoppers’ behaviors rapidly changing, brands and retailers need a way to prompt consumers to make a final decision when it is relevant, and trigger buying at the moment of purchase in store. Visibility on product availability and proper execution of campaigns is also challenging for retailers and costly for brands.

Shelf VUSION Engage

VUSION Engage aims at providing a solution to these challenges, and delivering compelling stories for shoppers through a single platform whose benefits are shared by the entire commerce value chain:

  • Execute targeted campaigns efficiently through scheduling and automation
  • Generate sales uplift with minimal effort
  • Deploy cross-sell opportunities with automated digital coupons and promotional campaigns
  • Monitor campaign impact in near real-time
  • Provide an enticing and ever-changing shopper experience to grow loyalty
  • Improve revenue and margin

VUSION Engage also contributes to store-wide ESG initiatives by eliminating wasted paper and cardboard used for one-off promotional signage, and helps alleviate the carbon footprint through cumulated savings on print and transportation.

Scott Soong, SEVP – Engage & Strategic initiatives of SES-imagotag, comments: “Enhancing the collaboration between brands and retailers is one of our core missions at SES-imagotag. As such, we are delighted to introduce VUSION Engage to the industry, as we firmly believe that this is the platform to deliver compelling and highly impactful campaigns with digital content delivered at the shelf, on schedule, automatically to shoppers when it matters most. Our ambition is to maximize the potential of in-store traffic through the digitization of physical stores, and enable retailers as well as brands to rise to the modern moment toward a more sustainable commerce.”

Chris Gallacher, Managing Director, United Wholesale (Scotland) Ltd, adds: United Wholesale (Scotland) are leading the industry in the use of immersive and engaging digital technology in our cash and carry depots to better inform our customers and grow sales for us and our brand partners.
SES-imagotag have been, and continue to be, a key partner for us in this initiative, using their VUSION Engage video rail solutions alongside their electronic shelf labels to effectively make our shelves digital. We work together with our brand suppliers who provide video content that is deployed to video rails along with price and product information synchronised with our EPoS and electronic tickets. Together we are providing a better experience for our customers, our staff and, by eliminating a lot of paper, plastic, and cardboard, better for the environment! We have started to implement Engage video rails in some of our retail stores so there is a consistent story from brand to retailer to shopper.”

John Prendergast, Managing Director, Eurospar Barrow Street, Dublin, says: “Our goal is always to provide a better experience for our customers, staff and brand partners while operating efficiently and finding opportunities to improve our business. SES-imagotag have been, and continue to be, a key partner for us in achieving these aims through digital pricing and promotions, shelf stock availability, actionable trading analytics and the Engage digital media solution – digital video touchpoints at the shelf in key aisles. The Engage solution works alongside the electronic shelf labels and Captana cameras to effectively make our shelves digital. The dynamic content that is deployed also displays price and product information synchronised with our EPoS and electronic tickets. The Pulse analytics software generates insights everyday so we can assess the success of every campaign, improve performance, and spot those new opportunities to benefit all our stakeholders! It is a real 360-degree approach!”

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