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Customer success story | March 6, 2023 | 6 min read

SES-imagotag and Kavanagh Group open the UK’s first VUSION 360 store

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   Kavanagh’s in Belsize Park is the UK’s first VUSION 360 store

The UK’s first VUSION 360 store: Kavanagh’s in Belsize Park

SES-imagotag, the global leader in digital solutions for physical commerce, today announced the opening of the UK’s first VUSION 360 store.

Leveraging SES-imagotag’s full VUSION Retail IoT Cloud platform, the store benefits from a unique portfolio of retail applications to improve its daily operations – enhancing shopper satisfaction through a 360° view on all store activities and delivering valuable data and feedback on actions in store.

Despite the ongoing cost of living crisis, owners of the store were still seeing a demand for quality, local produce and an offering that met ethical standards. The challenge for Kavanagh’s of Belsize was being able to provide this while operating efficiently, sustainably, and innovating with agility.


How Kavanagh’s of Belsize store benefits from VUSION 360 store ? 

Since deploying SES-imagotag’s VUSION platform, the store has benefited from optimal inventory management, maintained accurate pricing and promotions, seamlessly executed in-store marketing campaigns, and boosted in-store shopper connectivity.

In addition, customers also benefit through clear, current, and engaging content, as well as easily accessible information. For instance, they can know where products have come from, to identify and buy the items they want and need. Through interactions with the digital shelf, the store can deploy ‘spotlight’ messaging. It can be to better inform them, to engage them in local community initiatives, promote local produce, and even drive direct contribution to charities.

Automated price, promotion execution, real-time visibility into what is on shelves helps drive sales on the items that matter, and prioritizes replenishment for high value and margin products. This enables the store to:

  • Better utilize at least 10 hours a week that would normally be spent changing paper tickets
  • Automate shelf monitoring and alerting saving up to 2 hours per day not having to do manual gap scans
  • Achieve 2% higher on-shelf availability than seen with manual approaches, generating better customer NPS
  • Deliver at least 2% higher sales due to better availability, clear customer information and timely executed campaigns

Additionally, Kavanagh’s of Belsize an also benefit from:

  • Reduced waste
  • Increased productivity
  • Improving operating margin through automating daily operations
  • Delivering messages at the shelf through Vusion’s Retail Marketing solutions
  • Utilizing AI-driven analytics

Over the coming weeks, Kavanagh Group and SES-imagotag will be working together to introduce further rich product information at the shelf, such as sustainability ratings, as well as enhanced digital media solutions to attract and convert shoppers to offers in store.


“Turning the physical store into a digital asset”

“Retailers are under immense pressure to increase revenue and reduce operational costs, all while generating a better customer experience. In a bid to achieve this, they are operating numerous different processes to ensure their stores run smoothly,” said David Morgan, VP Customer Value Propositions, SES-imagotag.

“While each of these processes undoubtedly bring value to individual teams or departments within a store, many of them aren’t connected enough to deliver their highest value. A store utilizing an integrated set of digital solutions that work together becomes a digital asset with the ability to use granular insight to improve performance and service with exceptional agility and efficiency.” Morgan added.

The 360 store delivers capabilities that allow us to get timely insights and visibility on shelf stock availability, promotion execution, “proof of play” and more accurate and efficient restocking,” said owner of the store and Managing Director of Kavanagh Group, Noel Kavanagh Jnr.

“By turning the physical store into a digital asset, we can optimize return on investment opportunities on an ongoing, sustainable basis in a volatile and challenging market. Our customers can also utilize a store that is agile and efficient, meaning that the store staff have more time to serve and assist them. A 360 store builds customer trust and can demonstrate alignment with their values and local community which is hugely important to us.”

“Synergy is the seamless integration between parts to produce a combined greater than the sum of their separate effects, this is what a VUSION 360 store is about. Store digitalization is not only good for retailers and brands, it also benefits society through the positive impact on local stores at the heart of the community. By combining the values of our solutions and the insights gathered in stores, VUSION guides retailers toward a better, more sustainable business model. Kavanagh’s of Belsize is a perfect example of that and we are delighted to help them in that journey,” added Roy Horgan, SEVP – Group Strategy, Marketing & Communications, SES-imagotag.

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