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Video | December 20, 2022 | 3 min read

Omni Talk Ask An Expert | What Stores Will Look Like in 2027 ft. Roy Horgan

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Roy's Omni Talk

Roy Horgan, SES-imagotag’s Group SEVP of Strategy, Marketing, and Communications, joined Chris Walton and Anne Mezzenga to discuss how retail stores are expected to evolve and become “smarter” in the future on Omni Talk: Ask An Expert Series.

Check out the full recording here:

Snippets from Roy’s Q&A:

Q: When talking about automation in retail spaces, what role do you think sales associates play in the future?

Roy:  “I hope they will spend much more time focusing on the customer, fulfilment and doing more value-added tasks, we want a retail career in store to be a high value add career.”

Q: Can you please touch upon source data, connectivity and performance on large data volume from ERPs and POS?

Roy: “I believe we should focus on store specific data and use this to improve the performance of the store utilizing its data. So, no matter how big the store is, and its source data is EPOS data, supply chain data and pricing and product data.”

Q: How far off do you see as ESL as a mode of two-way communication? Could the tech allow for a consumer to enter email or cell right at the tag for things like “let me know when back in stock” or push of recipes, or offers going forward? Any research on if consumers would be accepting of that? Maybe this is happening somewhere in the world?

Roy: “This is how we embed NFC and QR code technology into our ESL’s which allows retailers to connect with Mobile at the shelf.”

Q: What about the infrastructure needed in physical stores to be the foundation of the other in-store technology we see nowadays?

Roy: “I think it’s very simple.. you got to choose a cloud operating system that allows you to enable a range of solutions under the same system.”

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