Euronics is the leading consumer electronics group in Europe, Middle East and Africa (EMEA) with more than 8,800 stores in over 36 countries with a global turnover of 20 billion Euro.

After an initial agreement with France Boulanger chain and Sharaf DG in Lithuania and the Middle East, in 2018, Euronics Group selected SES-imagotag and its VUSION digital price tags for more than 100 stores in Germany that will replace their classic paper labels with the smart VUSION electronic shelf labels.

In 2019 Euronics extended his partnership with SES-imagotag to include 400 stores in Italy.


Towards customer centric strategy, Euronics will enhance its in-store customer experience with digital services such as indoor navigation for shoppers, and rich content at the shelf accessible via smartphones through NFC interactions and QR codes displayed on ESLs.

Euronics had the need to digitalize his electronics stores and give his customers an omni-channel approach to in-store buying experience. Thanks to our electronic price labels (ESLs) Euronics would save time and money over price automatization, have higher control over profit and be more innovative.

Why SES-imagotag?

In choosing to further develop its relationship with SES-imagotag, Euronics is recognizing the unique experience of the Group with electronics retailers, and the value-added of its 100% Cloud-based Retail IoT platform.

SES-imagotag solutions offer a better experience to Euronics’ customers and improve in-store efficiency. For its German and Italian stores, Euronics chose the new VUSION range, the cutting-edge digital price tags for its elegant design with unique features, its display resolution and its ease of integration. VUSION Tags are modular, interactive and connected with shoppers and staff management.

Hans Carpels, President of Euronics International, adds“We are extremely confident about the SES-imagotag solution as it offers a better experience to our customers and improve our in-store efficiency. The roll-out in the different countries (Germany, the United Arab Emirates and France with Boulanger) are proven successes and the very closely measured latest installation in Lithuania showed an increase in margin of 1%. So, we are glad to continue and achieve our global digital transformation together with SES-imagotag.”


The successful roll-outs in different countries soon have shown an increase in the margin of 1%.

Customers are satisfied with a more elegant design of the product facing, a clear price displaying and a more technological store approach.

Store employees are relieved about a huge amount of time-saving and easy access to fastest daily promotions.

We’re here to help make your store smarter and more efficient.
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