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Blog | December 1, 2022 | 3 min read

Digital Shelf Labels: Advertise at the Shelf

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digital shelf labels

Developing, distributing and managing digital advertising campaigns in stores can be tricky and onerous for retailers and brands. Without technology, such actions have to be handled manually and lots of staff need to send to stores to either launch or to stop campaigns.

Thanks to the Cloud and IoT solutions, retailers, brands and marketing agencies can plan, activate and track advertising campaigns across channels, chains and countries at minimal cost & effort.

Actionable displays at all times

As retailers digitize their locations with smart, cloud-connected digital shelf labels, they give access to brands and agencies to an incredible platform to push and promote impactful messaging at the shelf-edge.

New generations of color digital shelf labels are extremely effective advertising tools remotely actionable and positioned in front of every product in the store. These wireless interactive displays speak directly to the consumer at the shelf, at the precise moment of purchase. They can display a logo, a “call to action” message, a motto, etc. and there are no limits to the content they can communicate to consumers’ smartphones via a simple NFC tap or QR code scan.

Programmatic advertising for retail

Whenever digital shelf labels are Cloud managed, the Better in Store portal can be opened to brands wishing to sponsor advertising messages in the stores. Programmatic advertising becomes a reality in the physical world. Today’s web actors have shown that displaying ads to targeted audiences can be hugely effective even as their users are often very far from a shopping context. With Better in Store, it becomes possible to plan and deploy automatically in-store campaigns to extremely well-defined audiences: shoppers that are in the right aisle, in the mood and need for shopping, at the time of purchase.

Measure impact in real-time

As campaigns are managed in the Cloud, retailers and brands can easily monitor their results from anywhere, at anytime. This enables them to gather insights on the impact of each campaign, but above all to adjust live, based on actionable data, to maximize their actions and investments.

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