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Blog | May 2, 2023 | 7 min read

Digital End Cap Display – An In-Store Advertising Solution

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What Is a Digital End Cap Display?

For retailers, capturing shopper interest is the name of the game. In-store advertising has various levers at its disposal, allowing store owners to drive the awareness of different categories of shoppers, showcase sales, and encourage customer loyalty. End cap displays are one of the most visually attractive ways to set the scene and draw attention to a product or promotion. And now, end caps are stepping into the digital era, offering even more compelling possibilities. Here’s what you need to know about digital end cap displays.

What’s an End Cap Display?

End caps – also known as end cap displays – are a key element of in-store visual marketing. Set up at the end of the aisles, end caps provide an eye-catching display that helps buyers notice the products you choose to feature. When utilized to their full potential, end cap displays are effective advertising tools that promote special deals, highlight new products, invite shoppers to explore brands, etc.

End caps present an opportunity for creativity and consumer engagement. It’s all about branding and storytelling. When executed perfectly, they can become powerful décor elements that make all the difference between a dull, run-the-mill shopping experience and a fun, uplifting journey through an inspiring store.

What Does a Digital End Cap Display Do?

What is labeling taken to the next level? Digital end cap displays are the answer!

A digital end cap display gives you more control over the visual experience you offer people who visit your store and makes these elements stand out. Digital enhancements help you make your end caps more attractive and relevant.

More Effective Sales Practices 

While traditional end caps draw attention through location, print, and a specific product layout, digital end cap displays allow you to use the space at your disposal more creatively. Instead of static ads, you can use video content and deliver stunning, pertinent ads. Digital end cap displays let you fine-tune your messaging with content scheduling and increase brand exposure through lively, memorable, and potentially interactive visuals.

Data-Driven Store Management

Digital end caps feature additional technological solutions through which you can monitor the effectiveness of your communication strategy. The digital displays come with sensors that trigger specific content and gather data on customer behavior. This feature allows you to explore various content combinations while no longer having to rely solely on sales to monitor shopper behavior. And thanks to real-time stock information, you can also optimize orders and shelf management.

Pathing and Dwell Time Optimization

The layout of your store determines pathing and dwell time. These patterns depend on what draws the shoppers’ attention and encourages them to proceed along the aisles. With no digital input, the method for assessing the level of control you have over pathing and dwell time remains somewhat empirical as all you have to go on is the sales themselves. Digital end caps unlock analytics capabilities by giving you feedback on where shoppers linger, where they take a b-line, and where they don’t tend to slow down at all. With this data, retailers monetize traffic and can rethink their store layout to promote optimal pathing and maximum dwell time.

Ecommerce Features Meet the In-Store Experience 

Online shopping provides users with features they can’t find at brick-and-mortar locations. But where eCommerce has home delivery and customer reviews, stores have limited-time offers, seasonal displays, and interactive experiences. End cap displays can help you cultivate a fun, recreative environment that no digital retailer could match. And thanks to digital labeling, even product ratings are accessible in-store, giving shoppers all the convenience of digital tools.

VUSION Engage – SES-imagotag’s Digital End Cap Display Solution 

Engage, the Vusion’s Retail Marketing solution, helps you deliver impactful messages as customers interact with the shelf. The in-store marketing solution designed by SES-imagotag connects brands and retailers to bring digital advertising to physical stores. Engage gives you control over your foot traffic and helps you reach shoppers at the shelf, at the most crucial stage of the purchase decision.

Engage gives you the ability to monetize in-store touchpoints. You can use Engage touchpoints to analyze the impact of your in-store marketing on sell-through and extend your digital campaigns to trigger purchases in the aisles. Running dynamic in-store campaigns fosters interaction and generates sales uplift by providing your customers with the experience they’re looking for. By giving you real-time feedback on customer behavior, Engage helps you create custom campaigns for optimal returns on your investment.

SES-imagotag offers a wide range of digital labeling solutions to enhance the in-store shopping experience and provide customers with digital services. Well beyond pricing and practical information, VUSION elevates physical shopping and bridges the gap between brick-and-mortar retail and the digital convenience shoppers have come to expect from any outlet.

Get in touch now to take control of your in-store foot traffic with VUSION.

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