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Navigating the Bluetooth LE Landscape for Retail

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Bluetooth LE whitepaper

A Guide to Bluetooth LE & Unified IoT Management in Retail

Bluetooth Low Energy (Bluetooth LE) is not just a technology, but an enabler of retailer’s digitalization of the store. While proprietary networks alone can provide several functions, their proprietary nature can also bring limitations when exploring new functionality. Bluetooth LE brings a breadth of new capabilities to complex retail environments that demand Electronic Shelf Labels (ESLs), Digital Shelf Systems (DSSs) and other IoT devices.

VusionGroup partnered with Qualcomm and Bluetooth SIG to create an ultra-low power Bluetooth solution that’s simplifying retail management.


Security and scalability: the pillars of going digital in retail

Introducing VusionOX Augmented Security With End-to-End Encryption Protecting The Entire Ecosystem

  • VusionGroup designed VusionOX – an augmented implementation of Bluetooth- LE that provides end-to-end security to Bluetooth LE devices, such as electronic shelf labels with encryption from the cloud to the edge.
  • VusionOX uses cloud-to-edge end-to-end asymmetric encryption, backed by hardware-based security. The data is encrypted at the source, in the cloud or in the edge device, and remains encrypted throughout the entire transmission, until it reaches the destination.
  • With our best in-class solution combining VusionGroup’s IoT, VusionCloud and the Qualcomm® technologies, accessing contextual real-time data, analytics, and positioning capabilities can become a reality for your operation.

How VusionOX & Qualcomm® Bluetooth® SoC Enable Rapid Scalability For Retailers

  • One of the main challenges that retailers face when adopting electronic shelf labels (ESLs), DSS and other IoT devices is scalability.
  • VusionGroup has unique know-how that enables retailers to go digital efficiently and effectively. By leveraging a strategic partnership with Qualcomm Technologies, Inc., VusionGroup offers retailers a comprehensive solution for contextual real-time data, analytics, and positioning capabilities, that can be scaled rapidly and reliably.
  • EdgeSense™, the latest innovation from VusionGroup, is powered by the Qualcomm® ultra-low power Bluetooth® Low Energy SoC. This Bluetooth solution enables EdgeSense™ to communicate with the VusionCloud Retail IoT Platform via the VusionOX Bluetooth LE implementation, which offers several advantages over other wireless protocols.

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Learn now how you can leverage the Bluetooth LE technology for a smarter and more connected retail experience.
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