Improve store efficiency with advanced digital pricing solutions

Automate pricing processes and remove manual steps to eliminate errors.  
electronic shelf labels
Premier electronic shelf labels  

Digitalize your Shelves with SESimagotag

Our SESimagotag platform is the key to transforming your physical store into a digital asset. We offer the highest quality electronic shelf labels, empowering retailers to be more agile, responsive, and accurate in all pricing operations — and beyond. Our electronic shelf labels can display relevant information in addition to pricing — like product ratings, customer reviews, and nutritional information for shoppers and actionable data, delivery information, and stock levels for associates.

The SESimagotag difference  

  • ESLs

    Update prices with one click  

    Leveraging a central management platform, ESLs enable retailers to update pricing at the store or chain level — in a matter of seconds — for error-free and hassle-free pricing management

  • digital shelf labels

    Engage shoppers and streamline operations 

    ESLs allow information sharing beyond pricing, such as delivering rich or local product information or activation campaigns for shoppers. Associates can view operational data at the shelf, enabling faster and smoother workflows. 

  • infraless electronic shelf label

    Easy integrations  

    SESimagotag’s ESLs are infraless, leveraging existing network infrastructures in-store to ensure fast turnaround times, facilitate systems maintenance, and lower retailers’ carbon footprint across entire store chains. 

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SESimagotag Benefits

How the SESimagotag family of products works in-store  

Run your store more efficiently at minimal cost with connected electronic shelf labels that easily integrate with your existing ERP.

Why SESimagotag works for you 

automate price changes

Automate price changes  

Enhance responsiveness, precision, and quality in pricing execution at the store or retail chain level with a single management platform. 

electronic price tag

Smooth operations  

Display ERP, inventory, or any other operational data for in-store associates to access real-time information about stocking and inventory. 


Accelerate pick-up orders  

Improve your buy-online-pick-up-in-store experience for your customers with geolocation and pick-to-light capabilities embedded in our ESLs.  

engage with shoppers

Engage with in-store shoppers 

Connect with customers at the shelf to help them discover new products, find relevant information, see promotional offers, or get digital coupons.  

Become more agile, responsive, and accurate in all pricing operations and information displays 

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Spotlight on SESimagotag product features:  

Enhance responsiveness, precision, and quality with automated pricing displays in the aisles  Communicate product information or send shoppers for purchase online via a simple NFC tap or QR code scan  Increase picking productivity and reduce missing products with our blinking LED pick-to-light   Enhance product restocking by guiding associates to the right location with LED blinking on-demand  Display operational data to associates at the shelf — from ERP to inventory — for smooth operations on the shop floor 

SESimagotag Products  

Get detailed information on the SESimagotag family of products  

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